Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ultrasound scan, what? I'm not Ave-Maria

Before I talk about my first ultrasound scan...

Obviously, I've totally forgotten my diet plan.

I eat as usual (these few days), and lazy to exercise. I'm going to fail this time!! What should I do? Oh well, I just ordered 2 bottles of Melilea from my friend, I've heard it's good for health and it helps in weight control (and I have serious constipation problem!). After all my friend has been consumed it for years, and even my relatives downstairs! I didn't buy from my relative, because...because...hmmm...actually for no reasons. Hahaha :P

It tasted really weird, as my friend told me. However, it's bad didn't "poo poo" for days, ya know the feeling ;) I'm going to try it out.

It's disgusting to pluck my armpits' hair and have to shave my legs every week, I intend to go for permanent hair removal. No no no...I MUST go for it, I'm getting tired of unwanted hairs. I've already made an appointment, it's tomorrow. LOL! I hope they won't burn my armpits.

There's something I forgot before I made the appointment...
My armpits are sensitive, nobody can touch it except myself. Oh NOOO!!
I believe I will laugh out loud during the session, ah...this is for sure, unless the beautician punches me right in the face and make me faint. I remembered I went for ultrasound scan few years back, because during my menstrual period, I have menstrual cramp and the color/smell of it was unpleasant one. I thought I was very sick, maybe c*ncer or things like that. I used to worry much about my health, because my auntie just passed away cos of cancer that time.

That was why I went to see doctors.

My mum asked me to see the lady doctor nearby my house, so one night I went there. I told the lady doctor about my problem, and she asked few questions, such as

"Do you have a boy friend?"

"No, I don't have" (that was few years back, when I was 19/20 years old. I didn't even know a guy. Yeah so lame, what to do? I was in girl school ya know?)

"Oh...are you sure?"

"Huh? Sure, I'm SURE"

"Are you a virgin?"

"Of course I am"


"Doctor, do you think I have a serious problem with my health?"

"No, I'm just worried something is wrong with you abortion surgery"



I didn't angry with the doctor, I just felt she was extremely funny, could she judge like this? AND BY THE WAY, she didn't even check my private part, she just simply judged me by appearance. LOL! I would like to clarify, I meant, judged by appearance didn't mean I wore so sexy to the clinic; I meant, I wore too lousy and looked exhausted (How can you ask somebody who thought she/he has c*ncer to dress up well?). AND SO, the funny lady thought I just went for a abortion surgery and asking for help now.

But she didn't believe, I wondered why? After I told her I'm a virgin, she kept saying I should go for a proper treatment, proper doctors etc. GOSH! Her brain was made of stone, and she is a doctor some more! Wonder how she got her license

Anyway, I was disappointed, she didn't help in anything except accusing people blindly. I'm always polite, I didn't yell at her, but IF the same incident happened again, I swear I will make them pay for my reputation! HAHAHA! :P

I got home, told my mum everything.
My mum laughed out loud, OF COURSE! She knew her daughter very well. She decided to bring me to hospital for check-up (at first I didn't want her to accompany me, because I thought if I really have c*ncer, I wouldn't let anybody knows). The following day, we went to Hospital together.

Lots of patients in there, we waited for more than 2 hours. Finally...

"How can I help you?" old man doctor, I wished he wouldn't check my private part, it's embarrassing open legs wide in front of people, not to mention he is a man (LOL!)

"I....bla bla bla... ...... ........." I told him my problem

"Do you have a boy friend?"

"No I don't" why the same question?

Suddenly, the doctor approached me and whispered into my ear

"Tell me honestly, is it because your mum is here, that's why you dare not to admit you have a boy friend?"


"Doctor, I really don't have a boy friend."
Now I hoped he wouldn't say I went for abortion surgery

"Okay, so you suspected yourself have..what? uterine cancer?!
I don't think that's possible...oh well, if you are worried, I will help you to do an ultrasound scan"

"Sure! This is what I want"

The nurse applied some cream on my tummy, soooo sensitive, itchy. I laughed a little, couldn't control myself.. After that, he placed the transducer on my tummy and ready to scan. This time, I burst into laughter, that transducer was cold!

"Don't laugh, I couldn't see a thing..."


Phewww...few minutes later,

Actually nothing was wrong with me, it was all fine. When I asked about the color and smell, the doctor said it was normal. Before we left his room, the doctor asked me...

"You don't have a boy friend right? Do you? I know a young doctor, he has no girl friend yet, he is a nice guy! Do you want me to introduce you to him?"

If I said yes, maybe now I have a doctor boy friend :P

So....I hope I won't laugh during the hair removal treatment, if not they might burn my armpits, wowww! better luck tomorrow!

I will consider to bit an apple or a wood stick