Wednesday, July 16, 2008

car accident


SOmeone kissed my ass today
My ass was kissed by someone today

Ha...ha...ha...... (-_-")
Sigh...I was kidding, why it didn't sound funny at all?

Alright, bad news
My car's ass was kissed by a car's head,

The first car accident in my life

Glad I'm still alive, thank you God, for didn't bring me to your home. I would love to visit it, but not now, maybe another 76 years. Thank you Devil, I don't think I wanna visit your place.

Actually it wasn't really serious, just...the car bumper's cracked and paint off, the size is as big as my palm. Hiyak...need to go to the workshop tomorrow morning!

Sorry I forgot to tell how it happened
The rain was pouring extremely heavily this morning, I decided to pick Kevin up, didn't want him to drive. So after work, I've got to fetch him back (obviously)

The traffic was bad, cars were all bumper by bumper. I guess, the female driver behind me liked me too much, thinking

"The driver in front is so cute...I wanna be her friend"

Thus, she came out with an idea,

"Why don't I knock her car, so I can get her phone number?"

That was why...she decided to use her car to kiss my car's ass.

Sometimes is bad to be cute :P
ARGhhhhhh!!!! Super thick skin, I really don't know how to spell S.H.Y. and A.S.H.A.M.E.D. :P

Okie okie...
stop making silly funny not-so-funny joke, the fact is, the lady hit my car because she didn't keep a "right" distance between her car and my car. The red car in front of me stopped constantly, I doubt the driver's driving skill was lousy (as if I have good driving skill, lol!), so I kept a distance about 1 or 2 meters. I guess it right, the red car did the emergency stop, I nearly hit his car (I assume he is a male driver).

The first second, I thought I was lucky because I kept the right distance,
The next second, the car behind bumped into my car

Glad she didn't drove off, we drove to a safe zone, got down and I checked my car.
It wasn't as serious as I imagined, but it still hurts

The lady has rosy cheeks, she looks like one of my relatives (But she isn't).

"I'm so sorry...please don't make police report, please go to find a workshop, and I will pay you back the money..." I think she is sincere

I accepted her offer, I took her mobile number and she promised to pay back the fixing costs. I believe...she wouldn't run away.

I don't know...maybe some of you might think I'm silly, she could run away anytime! If I don't make a police report within 24 hours after the accident, it don't do me any good. Hmmm...but I still believe in her.
It's not easy to have the ability to trust people;
not all of the people have this kind of ability...

Wish me luck, my pals :)