Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Raya, Cinema

I watched The Other Boleyn Girl alone yesterday, alone, I mean alone, yes alone.

You don't get it?
Alone, alone...the cinema is big and I was watching the show alone.

ALONE...no others except a girl named Violet, okay?
Now get it?

Huhuhu... :'(
The show was at 645pm, I went in at 645pm sharp. To my surprise, nobody was there in the hall. I wasn't dreaming in case you think I was :'(

Nobody nobody nobody...
I was a bit scared and worried, the hall was empty and the air cond was cold (I was in One Utama GSC Cinema). Really...I thought it should be fine, because it wasn't my first time watching shows alone.

There was a GSC cinema in Jaya Jusco Wangsa Maju few years back, it closed down because I was the only customer. Seriously! No jokes okay? And I only paid half price (movie ticket) and enjoyed all movies all alone. Hahaha :P

Why why why?
I went to GSC Jusco every Wed and sometimes on Friday, most of the cinema charges half price on Wed, so I only paid RM5 for a movie. I still don't understand why nobody went to GSC Jusco? It closed down and I was phucking mad at the management :( HMMMM! Since then, I was forced to watch movie in KLCC, which is always crowded and need to queue up for at least 30minutes for a show. SIGH!!!! My record was queueing 2 hours for a movie ticket.

Seeee, I didn't have to queue up in GSC Jusco. Huhuhu... :'( And the hall was often empty, I was the only one. but...I felt so happy! Yea!!! The whole hall is mine! :P Sometimes a couple or two would join me, sometimes the staff of the cinema would come in and sit next to me, chatting and eating... LOL! I was kidding about the staff :P

When it closed down, I was really mad and sad, no more movies after my class :'(
I was a movie maniac, my friends, my classmates loved to ask me these questions:

"Which movie is nice?"
"Is XXX a nice movie?"
"You are going to watch movie alone again?"

I've never missed any movies, I watched almost every movies except Chinese, Malay and Hindu movies. I only watched English movies because I thought it worths the price. Ermm...all those effects, bombs, killings...etc
I'm double standard, don't hate me :'(((

But, when I finished all of the English movies, I would start to look for Chinese Malay and Hindu movies... so lonely, I watched all of the movies alone, but I was happy...silly! Hahaha :D

Anyway, after GSC said bye, I went to KLCC on every Wednesday (ticket RM6), ooh shit, need to pay extra RM1 and another RM4 for the train return tickets. AND PLUS, need to queue up. That was when I started to gain weight. I often bought a bar of chocolate to cinema (the biggest bar), I could finished the whole bar in 2 hours! Terrible right? My friends got scared and refused to eat chocolate bar that I offered them. Do you know why? The chocolate bar has got my saliva, HAHAHA :P

After I graduated from Secondary school and College, I still loved to watch movies alone, until I met Kevin :)

In this 3 years, I still watch movie alone, sometimes. However...
Yesterday was different.

The hall was empty


Yes, GSC Jusco Wangsa Maju was always empty, but that was a few years back. I realised things changed, I was braver and crazier :S

I sat there alone, wishing others would come and joined me.
I looked at my watch, it's 6:50pm...I was still alone :'(

I took some photos, in case you say I lied.
P/s: The cinema is much more bigger than in photos


Left 1

Right 1

Left 2

Right 2

The movie started at 655pm and I was still alone :'(
I didn't take too much photos, because I scared there might be "another person" appear in the photo. Hahaha :P

I told myself that it's okay, it's not my first time! And I don't think there are ghosts in the cinema :)

After a while, at 705pm....

2 girls joined in!
Yeah!!! ^^

When the show was going on, another 1 got in,
then, another 2 persons joined in!
then then, another 2 came in!

Total: 8 persons in a hall :)
Usually, GSC one Utama is fully booked, tickets are sold out way too easily. What's wrong with yesterday?
I didn't have any idea until this morning

It was because of HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI, Malays are fasting...and can only eat at 715pm, 6:45pm is definitely not a good timing for movies, that's why the hall was empty ;)

SELAMAT HARI RAYA, my friends! :D



Unknown said...

Aw...I was really hoping to see a ghost. :)
Reminds me of a movie, "Goodbye Dragon Inn."

violetmay said...

I don't want that kind of 'luck'. Hehee :P