Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Sims babies

These few days, I think lesser about myself and problems that I face.
I realised I'm happier :)

I'm currently busy with The Sims 2, just love it love it and love it, I wonder why they don't have Magic Town like The Sims 1? :( I'm too addicted to Sims, I played it for hours everyday until I forgot how to spell my name...Hahaha :P

This is a very boring entry, all about my Sims, forget about it if you don't even know what The Sims is ;)

That day Eling bought The Sims 1 with Magic Town, I've never saw that expansion pack before, people who knows me well understand I love everything about magic and witches ;) So..I installed it.

After I installed it, immediately I created a family and moved it a unit, I used 3 hours to build and designed the house, after that I saved it..


What the heck?!

I tried again


What THE HELL???

I spent 3 bloody hours to do all that and now I lost everything in less than a minute. I was fucking mad, stared at the screen, save it save it save it, don't tell me I can't save this house!!!

In the end,
I failed to save my 3 hours, and my house
If cry helps, I will cry out loud
It was 1am, I couldn't do anything and decided to try again the next morning.

The next morning, in the office..
This time, I created a family and moved it in a lot, after that saved it straight without building anything. It didn't work either. I tried again....nah, I just couldn't save it. I gave up...

"You are too greedy, you have The Sims 2, should appreciate it.."
I talked to myself

Then, I switched it back to The Sims 2

Holy shit

"you need The Sims 2 to play the game" or something like that


I tried again, still the same thing I really wanted to kill someone to release my anger and disappointment. I have to uninstalled The Sims 1 and see if I could still play The Sims 2, I did it...but still, my Sims 2 was gone.

I was panicked, I have created a lot of families in The Sims 2 and I really spent a lot of time making my Sims smart and I always fulfil their needs and wants, now...all gone forever :'(

Kevin helped me to do the settings and uninstalled The Sims 2, by the time I wanted to re-installed it, I realised the passwords and the user manual is at home. Now my laptop didn't have The Sims 1 and The Sims 2, I felt empty...really sad and disappointed...I didn't want to think much and went to sleep straight away (slept in the office). To my surprised, I woke up at 345pm, hey I slept at 1pm! I thought I will sleep until 2pm only (that's my lunch time).

But anyway, I went home late that day to finish off my work.
At home, the first thing I did was, reinstalled the Sims 1, I thought I should install The Sims 1 before I installed The Sims 2. I was still very greedy, wanted them both. After I installed it...SIGH! It still didn't work

I uninstalled it again and reinstalled The Sims 2.
I was so worried, I worried my saved games will be gone forever, but I think too much! Thank you darling, my saved games are saved, you are my savior. LOL!

By the way, I just realised The Sims 3 is available in overseas

SHit! I want The Sims 3 now
Why I don't have 3 laptops for The Sims 1, 2 and 3?
Why I'm not rich?

See, thinking lesser makes you happy, gagagagagaga :P
Have a happy day, my friends :)

P/S: by the way I'm not that GREEDY okay?
P/P/S: Just realised The Sims 3 is available next year only