Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My slumber party...

...with Miss Cynthia ;)

She has 2 days layover in Malaysia, last night I went to her hotel and slept with her. I was really happy to meet her again! ^^

However, this time our slumber party is different from previously, click to read more ;)

Yesterday was a rainy day, 1030pm, I bought a packet of Nasi Lemak and took train to Renaissance hotel to meet Cyn ;) My mum was worried

"Are you sure you wanna go out this late? It's raining right now"

Cyn was worried too

"Dear are you sure you can do this? It's dangerous to take train and walk alone this late, but...I thought it's good to stay up late and have a good chat!"

"Yess yessss, I'm coming right now"

Hahahaha, actually I wanted to meet her badly, we didn't meet for months! And I wanted to give her her birthday present ;))

I reached Renaissance about 1115pm
She was so happy I brought her Nasi Lemak

I didn't buy myself one, so she asked me to eat chocolate bars
It's hard to lose weight, hehehe

It's safe going out like this at night, nobody wants to rape granny :P

Anyway, 2 years ago Cyn bought me a purple lingerie as a birthday gift, she called me few days ago and make me promised to wear in front of her. I said...

"Okay I promise you you will see a lot of purple when we meet"

So...seeeee, my t-shirt is purple color, and my bag is purple color too (didn't snap photos of my bag), and I even brought my sexy purple lingerie too... Nah, I didn't bring that, I brought a big purple t-shirt sleepwear instead. Gagagagaga :P And and ah, the gift I wanted to give her was purple color too, I didn't break my promise, seeee....I made her see a lot of purple. Muahahahahaha :P

We chatted a while and somebody called her, a person named "From Borneo with Love" (FBWL), this short cut is "very long", wait I want to make another short cut...hmmm....FB! FB=Fabulous, good name huh? :P

I slept on bed and waiting for Cyn to end the call

15 minutes later, she was still on the phone and I didn't want to sleep.
Thinking...what can I do to kill FB. Opps! I mean to kill my time :P

Maybe I can cam-whore with the pen Cyn gave me earlier? (Hey I just realised I left it in the hotel!)

She said
"Whenever you see this pen, you will think of me"

Silly shots

10 minutes later

She was still on the phone and eating her Nasi Lemak

I decided to cam-whore more with this pen again, the previous photos were too "special"



After these few shots...

Still on the phone?
But this time she finished her Nasi Lemak

I really have nothing to do...
I only have a camera

Ermmm...more photos ;)



I have pimples


10 minutes later...

Gosh...still talking... aware...

I'm gonna punish you

Hahahaha, you know I'm kidding :P
But she loves to joke and always say
"I wanna rape you"

After she hang up the phone, we chatted till 3am something. Lots of things to catch up, lots of stories to share... :) I love slumber party!

We slept around 4am and woke up at 1115am today, I forced her to pose in the knitted top I made for her

Nice, isn't it? :P





Long to meet her again
Take care my dearie... :)



Unknown said... much purple. :)

Dr V said...

Don't worry still have your sexiness intact! haha

Oh, I forgot to mention in the other post, you should have asked Kevin to prove his devotion to you, and drink some of those alcohol drinks you and Molly were modeling. hahaha

violetmay said...

Dizzy sizzling purple? :P

dr v
LOL!!! I'm afraid I will not kiss him for a year if he dare to drink it. OMG!!!! I couldn't imagine :P