Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bangkok, Day 2

Hehee! ^^
After we had medicines, Kevin and I were fully restored :)
This is me, early in the morning
Hmmm....still looked sick, but in fact I was all right, couldn't be better :P

From this photo, you can see my hair was very oily and sticky...couldn't wash hair in the morning because I just recovered from fever. Huhuhu... :'(

Sleeping child, hahaha :P

Fruits and veggies juices as starters of the day

Hmmm, wonder what I was doing there?

Kevin caught me!

Yes, I was cam-whoring :P
Got ya!


Us 2

Went to lobby for our complimentary breakfasts in Tong Poon Hotel

I like their lobby,
I felt so "Jurassic Park" dining there, haha

Good morning Sticky-hair-violet! ^^

Ermmmm...2 eggs...hardly finish them all

After meals
There are a lot of Tuk-tuk parked in front of our place, waiting for tourists. Hmm no, I'm not to pay you for the 10-15 minutes walking distance to the Skytrain station.

Basically we didn't have any plans, we didn't know where to go. Just walked around...and decided to go to the famous Bangkok Chatuchak weekend market

Me, have got to wear a hat to cover up my oily hair!

Walking to the National Stadium Skytrain station, it's not too far from our hotel, only 10-15 minutes walking distance



Waiting for the green light to turn red

That's Tesco Lotus, the place we had dinner and medicines last night

"Charm" has got another meaning in Chinese..
a.k.a. kelian, kesian, pity

Actually I bought this hat in Bali last year :)

Hahaha, that's a shameless pose :P

Mister Donut

Odd shaped

Hey, aren't these the chewing gum public phones I saw in Phuket? :D

This mall is next to National Stadium, I think it's MBK

We were there to...pee, hahaha

walking out from the toilet, 2 baht per entry

Okay, now we should proceed to the Chatuchak weekend market..

National Stadium

Chatuchak, I'm coming!
Too many photos, need another day to sort it out, haha :P



Dr V said...

Wow...they have Mister Donut there too? Looks like they're expanding the bottom-lines of people all over the world. hahaha

Breakfast looks really delicious! If you can't eat all your eggs from now on...then you can just put the rest in the mailbox and send it to me. haha

P.S.: I love taking photos of mailboxes everywhere I travel also. I have quite a collection of them now. ^_^

violetmay said...

Yeah they have Mister Donut, but I didn't try it... Malaysia should have Mister Donut too! :(
You should show me your collection, Mailbox is a very unique "model". hehee! :P