Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The day with Hwei Chen and Ket

Last Friday, after Jogoya :)
Wend to find Ket, and drove to The Pavilion. This is her new car, the color is damned cool right? Hehee ^^

We bought a piece of 吉林 XXL fried chicken in Food Republic, and went to OChaCha for tea.

Ooh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Chacha

Ochacha silk road, the yummiest/smoothest green tea with soy milk. It's not too sweet, very suitable to person who loves sweets but doesn't like TOO SWEET sweets like me. LOL :P

Ket Mui, munching that piece of XXL chicken

Why people loves to hide themselves behind me when we take photos together? What's more, my cheeks are chubbier than them, HMMM!

My photos are in Ket's camera

We expected the birthday girl Hwei Chen to reach about 7:30pm, who knows...she reached at 9pm!'s her day, I couldn't complain :P
We chose Mongkok Cafe

And thissss!

Hwei Chen dislike this photo, asked me to delete it...but I didn't..
She's gonna hate me now... :P
Muahahahahahahahahahaahahahhaha! Who asked you make Ket and I wait for 3 hours? (Hey, Ket off at 6pm that day) :P

Checking Ket's camera

Random shots

Red beans with coconut santan

Too sweet, too many santan, not going to order this again..anyway, cam-whore with it seems to be a good idea :P

Hwei Chen's

Ket and I were too full for foods, we ordered this and share


HAHAHA, I laugh looking at this silly capture

Take 2



Before we left Mongkok

Hwei Chen and Ket

Birthday girl and I

Ket and I

Hmmm...last but not least..


Close up

Hmmm, the horny violet :P



Unknown said...

Hi! So the birthday girl was 1.5 hours late? You weren't munching on snacks the whole time, were you? :)

Dr V said...

Great looking ladies! I can volunteer my excellent photographic skills next time you ladies are out, so you can retire the bottle that you used to rest your camera pn. hahaha

violetmay said...

Mr Burnt
Yes she was 1.5 hours late! Hmmm, guess what, she didn't bring me for ice cream after that, HMMM!
Ah, by the way I didn't eat that much after Jogoya's buffet, hehee :P

dr v
LOL! It wouldn't be better, but first you have got to buy a flight ticket here :P