Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gathering with friends

Cynthia is back :)
We organized a gathering in a Seafood steamboat restaurant (buffet style) near our place :)

The attendees
1. VIP of the night

2. Evon Ng Wai Wai

3. Sharon Chua San San

4. Christine Ow Yong Chen Chen

5. Helen Thang Ket Ket

6. Ah Foo Foo (Ket's husband)


It's always good to have gatherings with old pals, and we appointed Evon Ng Wai Wai and Sharon Chua San San to be the organizers for our next year Langkawi's trip! Looking forward to it, hehee!

Okay bye


Wonder where is Violet Voon May May?


The rectangle-eyed Voon Voon

and the small-eyed May May

Which one do you prefer? :P

P/S: Ow Chen Chen forced me to take these...thank her if you think she made you laugh :P
P/P/S: The reason she forced me was (actually she didn't, she "asked" me only...and I was quite "willing" to. LOL!), she said I put her ugly photos online...

"But sometimes I put my ugly photos online too"

"Okay, let's take some and you upload it"

Right after Chen Chen took these 2 shots, I showed it to Ket Mui,

SO UGLY!!!!"



Last pic of the day ^^



Dr V said...

You need to keep trying, if you want to upload "ugly" pictures, because these aren't ugly at all. Sorry to disappoint you! haha

Nice that you had such a feast for Cynthia. I certainly hope I get the royal treatment too, when I show-up at your doorstep hungry. ^_*

debb13 said...

eeeeeeeee *jealous*

so niceee!!

violetmay said...

Dr V
LOL! You sure these aren't ugly?
Now I'm scratching head, wonder why my friends laughed to death ;)
Sure if you want the royal treatment...but you have got to pay, MUAHAHAHAHAHA :P

Hiyak, no need to be jealous, just drop me a message when you are back and I will try my best to arrange a gathering specially to Deborah Loo Ling Ling, heheee! :P