Thursday, November 6, 2008

Chiang Mai Day 3

My Day 3 in Chiang Mai.
Too many activities and photos on the 2nd day, there is one thing I would like to assure you...Day 3 only has got 2 parts, today is part 1

In morning, Kevin told me he has headache, but I didn't give a damn...because headache is very common (right?), and I was OK. Now you know I'm shellfish, ermmm...I mean selfish. Hahaha. Hey! Shellfish sounds cute, next time I will say shellfish but not selfish :P

He looked bad...but I chose "not to see him", because because he always look like this in the morning...(I have so many excuses) :P

Good morning!
I looked great, healthy.. no sick sign

Akh was there..

Good morning, Chiang Mai! ^^

Us, walking around aimlessly, trying to find something hot before we leave this beautiful land

Does it mean "out"?
I'm saying the Thai words

Photos along the way..

After we walked for about 20 minutes, we saw a temple :D
Sorry I don't know the name...

I think it's a new temple, or newly renovated temple

Really strange, we were the only visitors..

Where is Kevin in this photo? :P

Where is Violet in this photo?
Huh? You don't see me?
If you don't, you are...blind :P

Really, no visitors, I still wonder why..

Random photos

The great wall of Chiang Mai :P

He was very sleepy and tired



Going back to our guesthouse...because I started to feel dizzy and Kevin's headache was getting worst. In fact we still have 2 hours to spend before we proceed to the air-port. We felt terribly bad, thus, decided to go back and sleep more

Me, impatiently waiting for Kevin.
For your information, I walk really fast

Photos of the guesthouse we stayed
It's a nice place...we might stay in S.K. again, but definitely won't buy their tour packages. Okay okay, I know this is not the first time I say about the expensive tour packages, but I'm not finish yet! I was such an idiot! As the old Chinese saying goes, never make a woman upset, they will nag about it forever. God bless you, S.K.. LOL :P
(actually it wasn't 100% their 'fault', it was me so stupid, bought their packages without surveys)

Thought to have breakfast, but we didn't have appetite..ordered 3 juices instead

Back to our room, slept for an hour

Kevin was totally down, me?
After I woke up from an hour nap, I felt very bad
We woke up realised we have high fever, headache and diarrhea!

It is always a bad idea going to massage after meals, not to mention the room was like a huge fridge, I was damned cold..I should have let the masseur knows that I was freezing. Kevin and I were in the same room, if you wonder ;) And about the diarrhea, maybe it was because of the massage.

I swear, I'll never never go to massage again after meals.



Dr V said...

Too bad about you and Kevin getting sick during the trip! The doctor in me won't let me travel anywhere without a medical kit. Afterall, it would be a shame to travel someplace, and not enjoy it because of some kind of illness. Pain-killers, fever relievers, and anti-diarrheals are an absolute must for any travels.

violetmay said...

We've never bring medical kit when we travel. A lot of people advised us before, but we always thought things would be fine until this trip. Guess we were really bad luck...anyway, from now on I will bring a small medical kit when I go to somewhere else :)

Dr V said...

Glad to hear you'll start carrying an essentials medical kit when you travel from now on. Some experiences we can only have once in a lifetime. You'd like to be free to concenrate on that...rather than how your body feels. Right?