Sunday, November 23, 2008

Jeffrey and Sharon's wedding

Just got home not too long ago, today is a very tiring but damned happy day. I'm so happy for my friend, Sharon a.k.a. Huoy Shan. She is my secondary school mate, together with Hwei Chen and Bee Sim :)
I always think she is the most beautiful lady, and today, she made the most beautiful bride! ^^
Her husband Jeffrey is a lucky dude ;)

I slept at 2am, woke up at 630am, OMG! But anyway, that's not unusual, I often stay up late :)
Good morning!

This is the bag I used today, bought in HK last year and now only I have the chance to use it. Because the color is too AHEM, I didn't want to bring it out ;)

We reached Huoy Shan's home at 830am, she was preparing

Make up

And more make up :P
She is Hwei Chen, without glasses

4 ladies, as Ji Mui (something like bridesmaids)
Left to right: BC, Bee Sim, Me and Hwei Chen

3 "brides-servant" (MUAHAHAHAHAHA)
Left to right: Pao Wah, Cash and Soon Peng

Huoy Shan's mum, she has her mum's big eyes. I'm soooo envy and jealous, HMMMMM!
Nah, I'm kidding, small eyes are good, mosquitoes won't easily fly in :P
No...actually I prefer big eyes, huhuhuh...I don't want to lie at myself :'(

Bee Sim and her boyfriend, he teaches taekwondo! ;)
Ooh Gosh, he looked "tame", I didn't know until Bee Sim told me :P

Hwei Chen and I
She's wearing shades because she broke her own glasses last night...

The stupid and idiot :P

Some stuff we prepared to "treat" the groom's friends (a.k.a. brothers/heng dai)
Bananas, onions, sour plums, 3 bottles of coke, 7 sachets of green tea, 15++ scoops of sugar, 1 bottle of those Chinese traditional oil (it's spicy), 1 set of bra and panty (ladies) and 3 slices of breads with Chili bread spread. We were not that cruel, hey we didn't ask them to eat chili with nose okay? It's not easy to get a wife in Chinese Tradition...need to pass all these tests! :P
By the way, we were not that strict.. afterall...I've seen some Ji Mui asked the "heng dai" to drink raw eggs mix beer, use wasabi to brush teeth...etc. See, we were actually VERY NICE to the groom and his heng dai ;)

Jeffrey, Huoy Shan's husband

It's time for game!

Now you see my stupid face :P

The 1st challenge
The groom needs to find 3 passerbys, told them he loves the bride, and the passerby need to shout out loud
"Jeffrey loves Sharon very very much!"

They found an uncle to volunteer

"What do you want me to say?" the uncle asked Jeffrey

"Just tell them I love Sharon" said Jeffrey

"Huh? I don't want, you tell them yourself la"

"But they want you to pass the message to them wor.."

"Huh? Ermm...okay la
JEFFREY LOVES SHARON VERY VERY MUCH!" suddenly this uncle shouted

Hahahaaha, followed by another auntie and uncle,

so, 1st challenge, PASSED

2nd challenge,
use 10 languages to say "I love you"
Guess what...they failed this test. What's not that hard, can use English (I love you), Malay (Aku cinta padamu), Cantonese( Ngo ngoi nei), Mandarin (wo ai ni), Tamil (I forgot, but they can always ask the Indian passerbys), Japanese (ashiteru), Korean (sarang...something like that la), French (Je t'aime), Spanish (te amo), and baby language ( HAHAHAHAHA


3rd challenge
We prepared 3 special blended (erm not blendid but mixed) juices
甜酸苦辣 (sweet, sour, bitter and spicy)
1st glass, 15++ table spoons of sugar
2nd glass, the mixture of few sour plums and vinegar
3rd glass, 7 sachets of green tea (they don't have coffee)
4th, 1 bottle of 风油, some kind of Chinese traditional oil mixed with a glass full of water
Jeffrey's Heng Dai swallowed it all...OMG!


4th challenge,
Spicy bread spread. We put a lot of chili paste, should be very spicy..guess what?
"Cheh! Not spicy at yummy"


Anyway, the guy in blue wasn't the only Heng Dai who swallowed the terrible juices and breads. I don't have much nice shots. Photos taken by Soon Peng (couldn't be me, I need to play my role as a Ji Mui)
4th challenge, PASSED!

5th challenge,
We have Jeffrey to wear the red color panty and bra
(Hiyak, don't have photos of him wearing those sexy underwear)

Anyway, PASSED!

6th challenge,
Pumping for 50 times
Our games are very simple, right? ;)
Should have asked them to drink beer with raw eggs.. :P


7th challenge,
Have all of the Heng Dai to eat banana without using hands, just munch and swallow

The first person who took this challenge is Jeffrey (it's quite hard, if you don't believe go to try yourself, the banana must be LONG one)


8th challenge,
3 big bottles of Coke, drink and make BLURPP
No photos, because Heng Dai just took and ran with the Coke

9th challenge,
onions cutting, we wanted to see them "cry", unfortunately, they cut and nobody "cries" :(
Anyway they still passed the test

10th challenge,
The groom and 2 heng dai need to use their BUTTS to write "I LOve You"
I have a video clips but not a nice one, photos and no video clips ;)
They did it, PASSED!

After all of the challenges above, the groom gave us the Ji Mui red packet...we decided to open the door and let them in :)

Muackssss kiss
I didn't get good angle :(

The beautiful bride :)

I just couldn't stop taking photos of her

Who took this?
Hmmmm! Shakey hands

Left to their new home in Cheras :)

On the way

One of the Jeffrey's heng dai

Reached! ^^

Their room, eating lotus seed desserts, it's the tradition :)

Group photo
(without Soon Peng and Cash)

Another shot (without Cash, he wasn't there)

Jeffrey, Huoy Shan and I :D
Finally got to snap a photo with them

We chatted a little before we left

Sigh..why you are so beautiful?
I would go after you if I'm a guy, unfortunately I don't have balls. Hahaha :'P

Another photo before we left

I'm truly happy to see them getting together, and writting creating stories of their lives :)
Wish they will be happy forever, love each other to the very end and cherish every moment spent together :)
Muackssssssssss! Love you!!
Looking forward to the wedding dinner ;)



Dr V said...

Lovely wedding couple. Very funny challenges. Beautiful friends. Amazing memories captured in photos. No jokes this time...just sincere best wishes to the happy couple.

violetmay said...

Thank you Dr V :))))