Monday, November 10, 2008

Bohoo! Hwei Chen's b'day gift, the answer revealed

Just came back from Kopitiam, met Hwei Chen..gave her the gift I prepared.
Wanna guess what it is?

I only knit for far, people who received knitted items from me are Kevin, Cynthia, Ket mui and Eling. The only reason I didn't knit for Hwei Chen was, she loves to make handicrafts too. Deh! That's not an excuse okay? To me, if you make something (handicrafts) for me, I might not appreciate because

"Hey! I also know how to do it, I think I can make a better one" Confidence overloaded :P

This was why, I thought I don't have to make for Hwei Chen because she might think like me. But last year when we went out together, she mentioned about I said

"I don't knit for you, because you might not appreciate..."

"Who says?!?! I don't knit okay? I usually make cards only......" OMG! I just realised I was very unfair to her, seriously I thought she thinks like me...

I promised to make her a scarf next year (that means this year) as her birthday gift :)

2 weeks ago, I went to Ching Jie's place, bought some peach color yarns...and decided to make "something" for her...definitely not scarf

neck as tripod

Ah, failed

Take 2
Hmmm...good good

I knitted day and night...hoping to give this on her birthday
I even knitted in the office...shhh, don't tell my boss :P

I love knitting, although it's very tiring and time consuming

2 weeks later..


A handkerchief?


a bag

A bag?!?!?!?!?

Hahahahaahahahaha, no, it's a tube top :P

Hwei Chen picked me up just now, we went to a Kopitiam near our house, she expected me to give her the present as I promised

"I'm sorry, I don't have enough time to prepare your present..."

"Ooh...don't be silly, it's okay!" :)

"I only managed to knit half...close your eyes first"

I took out the present...

"Okay, now you can open your eyes"

She was extremely surprised and her face was whole red, she didn't expect to receive a knitted top from me. She thought I only have time to knit a scarf for her (it's simpler than top okay?) :P

Her response made me blushed too...hehee :')


with the phone her boyfriend bought for her (b'day gift), it's the same color with the top ^^


She went to washroom and put the new top on

It fits her well!
I was worried it might be too tight, who's a little loose :P

She just sent me a message, thank for the present I prepared...
To be frank, I'm very happy she likes it, 9 years of friendship, not easy ;)

Babe, wish you a very happy birthday ^^
Love you too!



Dr V said...

Love the top! Maybe you should knit me a big giant-sized sweater to prove that you can knit. hahaha Seriously, Hwei Chen looks really lovely in the top you made for her, and it fits perfectly. Great job Violet!

violetmay said...

Thank you!! ^^