Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"Last night" in Chiang Mai

I have had a very good time in Chiang Mai, I made some friends and visited Karen village which I long to go very long time ago. I met long neck ladies, I bought handmade scarfs from them, etc...I really enjoyed my Chiang Mai trip although it was only a short trip. On the third day, Kevin and I flew to Bangkok. Today I just want to post some "last night in Chiang Mai"'s photos.

"Last night", we didn't do much things, the whole day trip was very tiring but enjoyable (Chiang Mai->Chiang Rai, Hot Spring->Chiang Saen, Jadeeloung->Golden Triangle, Laos->Lunch(Is this count?)->Northern Thailand-Myanmar's border->Hill Tribes Village->Chiang Mai). Total hour: 14 hours! I think the trip was originally designed for 12 hours, because Molly said we supposed to arrived Chiang Mai the latest by 830pm. But we reach at 10 plus... ;)

Hiyak, I know why...because our trip members (including me and him) love to take photos and wouldn't listen to instructions, Hahahahahahahahaa :P

If I were Molly, maybe I will shout at myself
"Can you please get into the van? I want to sleep at 9pm!!"

This is why, I will never be a good tour guide, gagaga :P

From S.K. House, it's only 20 minutes away to Kalare Night Bazaar (according to Chris and Akh).

"It's better to take Tuk-tuk, but if you want to do some exercise, you can walk there, it's around 20 minutes"

So..we walked

We felt something is wrong after we walked for 15 minutes, because no crowds no stalls (yes there were a few...but doesn't look like a tourist spot, tourist spot or non tourist spot isn't important, all I mean is......we lost our way, ermm, not really...we just didn't how to go only. Hahahahaha). Kevin went to a cafe and asked directions from one of the tourists, he showed us, said it's 10 minutes away from the cafe...thank you. However, we didn't trust him. LOL!!! I hate people asking me questions but refuse to believe (Get lost, I hate this kind of person! If you don't believe, don't ask!!!), does this mean I hate myself too? :P

Another few steps away, there was a pharmacy, we went in and ask the pharmacist in charge. He said

"It's 20 minutes away from here"

Chris said it's 20 minutes from S.K., well I listened to his direction okay? (we already walked for 15 minutes) And then the tourist said it's 10 minutes away...okay, and then now this pharmacist said it's 20 minutes away. Oh Gosh, by the time we reached most probably all of the stalls are closed. We decided to take tuk-tuk

From the tuk tuk driver, we knew there are 2 night bazaars, one is Thai bazaar and another one is the famous Kalare Night Bazaar. The tourist was half right, it only took 10 minutes walking distance to go there, but that is Thai night bazaar and they close around 10pm (I forgot). And for Kalare bazaar, pheww! Glad we took tuk-tuk, because it's quite far from Thai bazaar.

Some shoppings :)
I bought 2 dresses from her

And this is for Kevin

In the food court, they have some traditional dancing performances..
Kalare Night Bazaar

Me, choosing foods

Some local fried rice and Padthai

After meals, we passed by this massage place...they only charge 140 baht for one hour (good price!), I'm stingy, so I said OKAY because it's cheaper than a lot of places

I made a very wrong decision...we shouldn't go for massage after meals. You will see what happened the next day, tell you later :)



Dr V said...

Surprised that you didn't go up and show-off some of your graceful dance moves Violet. You could teach those traditional Thai dancers a few lessons, and let them know what a REAL professional dances like! ^_^

violetmay said...

I couldn't do that, remember? I dance like a robot :P

Dr V said...

I remember you "saying" you dance like a robot. But the photographic evidence suggests that Violet is exaggerating A LOT! haha