Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Marcus and Joanne wedding in The Prince Hotel

This was the first wedding which touched my heart, I want to marry to :D
Joanne is Kevin's classmate back in 1997, 11 years ago (WOW). They are 30 this year (Hey this is not a secret okay?). 6 years later, I will be 30 too...and, 2 months later I will be 25! Huhuhu... :'((( which means 5 years later I will be 30, not 6 years :(

Guess what, if it's in Lunar calendar, I'm already 26 this year, what the heck?! Alright in case you don't get me...a simple example, if you are 30 this is according to our "normal" calendar, you are 31 years old in Lunar calendar, BUT if you are born before Chinese New Year, like me a January baby...DIE! Plus 2 years, that means you are 32 years old. THAT MEANS like me, I'm 26 this year. WHAT THE HECK?! I really can't accept the fact. Hey my 25 birthday is "coming" soon, how can I be celebrating my 27 years old birthday next year? What about my 25 and 26 years old birthday cakes and presents? This is unfair, unless you wanna give me 3 presents next year (25, 26 and 27 years old birthday presents), then I will be good :P

Opps, I'm out of topic, I thought I should be talking about Marcus and Joanne's wedding...heheee! ^^
OKAY! enough for the age age agey agieee aggggieeeeeee, I hate getting old but, I'm so happy right now, I don't want to turn back time. Hoping time will stop right now at this moment? Nah...I have some trips coming, I wanna go for vacations, I don't want time to stop right now. Hmmm, maybe after my trips then it would be great. Nobody gets old, nobody die no newborn babies (nuts)...

Oh MY, out of topic again
I'm sorry!

Marcus and Joanne's wedding was held in a five star hotel, The Prince Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. I worked as a banquet waitress when I was in college doing my Diploma in Hotel and Catering. It was a MUST to work 80 hours part time and 3 months industrial training in hotels. The Prince Hotel was one of the hotel my classmates and I went for our 80-hour part time. Anyway, we only went there twice (as I remember), because we preferred Mandarin Oriental's employee cafe..lots of good foods (I was very greedy, often ate a lot in the cafe)! Hohoho... :P

I'm a cinderella not too ella..
ella ella ehh ehh...under my banquet tray, ella ella ehh ehh.. under my greedy face.. :P

Okie okie, erm...where am I?
Oh, talking about Marcus and Joanne's dinner
By the way, November this year is a wedding month in Lunar calendar, a lot of people are getting married this year, ya know, 2008 ;)

Dandelion as a background, so nice! ^^

The wedding cake

Photographs of the two love birds

Upon arrival, please sign the guest book

So many peeeps

Kevin and his high school classmates (the only guy)

The Grand ballroom
I completed my 16 hours out of 80 hours here

I...missed you, Mr Grand ballroom
Hahaha, I really missed those days working with my classmates (all forced to work, trays are very heavy, it's not easy to serve), Judee, Lina, Erica, Anna, Shirley, Wai Hoong, Siau Wei...

Hello :)

I missed you serviette
I used to pull your ears and rest you on guests' laps :P
But today, I forgot how to fold you

This pair of chopsticks is a souvenir prepared by the bride and groom

It's called, the Perfect Pair

The wedding photo :)

Menu of the night

Love is...a sleeping bag made for two ^^

Foods served

Upon welcoming the bride and groom, 20 selected friends of Marcus and Joanne have little messages to them. Something like how they know each other, their personalities etc :)

And finally, the bride and groom ^^
Huhu...really far and blurrr, because we were disencouraged to leave our seats to take photos

Muahahahaha, now it's your turn to serve me (anyway I don't know him)


Marcus and Joanne came to say HI! ^^
The are the happiest bride and groom I've ever seen. Hmm, I mean they are really happy, friendly and the wedding dinner was almost like a wedding party

After all you don't see bride and groom dancing with children on the stage ;)
They are really creative and guess what, their wedding photos were taken in Taj Mahal, India! ^^
They exchanged their vows/rings in a church on the same day morning, Kevin and I didn't go because he has a meeting. Photos taken in the morning were made into slideshows. From the photos, Marcus and Joanne both cried, including their family members and relatives. Very touching...they were really blessed and thankful to have each other in their lives :')

dancing dancing ^^

Random photos of us
Kevin and his new friends

Violet and her new friends, haha!
These two ladies including Joanne were in University of Malaya, same with my eldest sister Michell! And, they graduated on the same day, same year :)
Erm, my sister Michell is same age with Kevin ;)

We looked happy together :)
and yes, we are happy happi

Me and Kevin's classmates
Kevin should be in the picture, shouldn't be me..
But hey! They wanted to take picture with me okay? :P
They are both friendly and nice :)

Joanne and us ^^
Marcus was busy toasting with his friends


"Yam Seng"

When it's time to go home...

We stayed, for photos
Hahaha :P

The first time I fall in love with Mr Flash
I hated flash until...I saw the following photos

I hated flash because it's too "bright" and "clear". You can spot my pimples, oily face and everything..I'm so naked in front of flash
BUt, I really like the following photos, the first time I think I look "not too bad" with flash
LOL! Yeah, I'm shameless, so what? :P

I'm very very shameless... you wanna slap me? I'm not scared...
Ermmm, no, please don'ttttt
I'm very scared, hahaha :P

In the washroom

Hotel lobby


I made some flashed/"unflashed" experiments here

The one with Mr. Flash is better right? :D

Even Kevin said yes to Mr. Flash

Aren't these cabbages? Hmmm..

experiment 2


That's all for today, you can skip the following if you are not here to see my photos ;)
Just some photos that I couldn't decide which to delete and which to upload

I think...I still prefer no flash, I'm sorry Mr. Flash, I can't be your wife



Unknown said...

You will, of course, make a lovely bride. So when's the date? :)

Dr V said...

Let's put Violet's tormented mind to rest...of course you look best with the flash than without it. You're not an ogre, so there's no need to hide yourself in the shadows. ^_*

violetmay said...

I'm not sure yet, but definitely would not be this year. HAHAHA :P

Dr V
Hmmm, I often imagine myself as an ogre. I was addicted to War Craft few years ago, ogre was always my favourite choice when it comes to war :P