Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I want a pet!!!

I want a cat
I want a cat
I want a kitten
I want a kitten
I want a toy poodle
I want a toy poodle
I want a pet!!!

I want a pet, so badly

I love cats, cats are cute, actually I prefer cats than dogs, I will definitely choose to have a cat if you ask me. However, if I must choose between toy poodle or cats (whatever breed), I will choose toy poodle....

Hahahaha, okay okay, I know toy poodle is a breed of dog, but...I like toy poodle. Okay! I want a cat and a toy poodle in the future. Ermmm...okay okay, I like dogs too, but I prefer cats.

Errrrmmmmmmmmmmmmm....okay okay okay, actually I like cats and dogs and horses and camels and eagles and white lion...can I have them all?

I can!
In my dream

Hahahaha :P

Today, I decided to post something very happy to myself, do you remember Kevin's friend, Aravin's dog? We visited Aravin on Deepavali, and I saw his's a female Shih Tzu, damned cute!

I actually took plenty of photos with his dog, by the way her name is princess :)

Princess is adorable, I saw a lot of Shih Tz before, I think princess is considered quite hmmmm, huge. Muahahahaaha, she is too heavy and she hardly walk...If next time I have pets, I will make sure they exercise every morning, hahaha!

I like Princess very much, huhuhu....... :'(
Where is mine?

I have some photos with princess, some taken by Kevin and some...erm, taken by me. It's not easy to cam-whore with dogs okay?

Ta da~

"ello, ma nim ish Princess"

"A yam 8 yers old"

Even her ears are cute..


Too cute!

She is really heavy, hard to lift her up

I don't have to tell you, that I really like her

Okay, now you can skip these photos if you dislike Princess (Erm, if you dislike me) :P


Hmmm, she tried to lick me, heheee

You are so cute,
Can I bring you home?

Where is mine? :(



debb13 said...

hi yeemay,

my sis has a toy poodle and they're really lovely. tame, smart, loving.. ah, the perfect dog. only thing is their grooming. heehee!

get a dog! or cat! it'll complete you.. really.


violetmay said...

Hey deb! I remember I saw your sis's toy poodle somewhere (I mean photos), very cuteeeee. Seriously I really want to have one :)

Muackssss ^^

Dr V said...

Poor dog is getting the feeling of being molested, because Violet has her hands all over this little dog! haha Yes, she's a cute dog, and I'm happy that she gave Kevin an excuse to bring the camera closer to photograph Violet. ^_^

violetmay said...

Oops...I caught me!
Yea yeah, I molested her, up and down, left and right...but I think she enjoyed it :P

Dr V said...

You're a dog molester that wanted to be caught. So no wonder you captured the crimes with your camera. haha And because the little dog didn't report the crime to the police, I am tempted to believe you're right about her enjoying it. ^_^