Thursday, November 20, 2008

21, November 2008

A lot of people around me are getting married. Just met my secondary schoolmate Huoy Shan, she is getting married, very soon. In fact, this Sunday. November is a good month, not a surprise ;)

It was a small gathering, just to give us the wedding invitation cards and wedding photos :)
From left to right: Huoy Shan (she is very pretty!), Bee Sim (she treated me very good, bought me lollipop when we were Form 3...LOL!), Me and Hwei Chen (Just permed her hair, nice in curly!)

And these 3 guys, Soon Peng, Cash and Pao Wah. They are Huoy Shan and Hwei Chen's college mates, I met them during Hwei Chen 18 years old birthday party. OH MY GOD!!!! That was 6 years ago, time really flies :(

Random photos taken yesterday, in The Curve. We watched Madagascar 2! LOVE IT! We laughed till death... I wanna watch it again :D
I want to watch it watch it, you love to move it move it :P

Christmas is near

I love Christmas!
Although I'm not a Christian, yet..

Kevin brought me to a mamak cafe called Medan Selera Idaman.
Hmmm..their fried rices are NOT nice, but the meats served were...TOOO YUMMMY. Complex feeling, don't know if we should go there again :S

Thai fried rice

USA fried rice


Me scratching lips, very itchy

Hmmm, should put on my glasses, otherwise couldn't see where is my table spoon :P


Cynthia is back, looking forward to meeting her again :D

Night, buddies :)



Dr V said...

Trust me...the way Christmas is celebrated in the US, it's nothing like Christian here either. ^_^

Very nice Christmas trees. And you and your friends look beautiful! ^_^

violetmay said...

Ooh really? I should have known about it :)
I want to go to US, but my pocket is empty and it's not easy to get a visa, huhuhu...maybe 10 years later. LOL! :P