Sunday, November 16, 2008

Chatuchak Weekend Market, Bangkok, Thailand

66 photos...woooit!
Soli me hav gut su many fotos, hahaha :P

In the skytrain
I hate my hair, very oily and sticky!
Should have just washed it, who cares about high fever? HMMM!

Chatuchak is Mo Chit station, it's just like Petaling Street is Pasar Seni Station (not funny? Okie soli mangkali)

Huhuhu...I really hate my sticky hair

Let's go!

Chatuchak Weekend Market, it's one of the famous markets in Bangkok
It's just few minutes away from Mo Chit Station
Basically you can find anything here with good price :)

Hahahaha, that's interesting...I want to take a ride on that too!

You will get to see a lot of my backside in this entry, no choice, I was too busy shopping (ermm not really, didn't buy THAT much)

Random photos


I...I wanted to try
But I didn't, just recovered from fever, not good to take heaty/fried/oily foods :(


Huhuhu...I want to have one of these

These look good too..

And these...big bums...

YIKES! I don't want to eat these, but maybe I can squeeze squeezeeeeeeeeeeee it, or, slapppppppppppppppppppppppp it

Sweat...I'm getting jealous of the bums above, how to have bigger bums?

Ahem, actually mine isn't as flat as shown in the pics, okay? After all I gained weight...LOL! and no, I don't want to have TOO big bums :P

Hmmm...wonder why he looked like this

Alright, I have some "fake smile" photos to share, but this time Kevin will be the model


"Darling, stand still I wanna take your photo"

"Erm, but lots of people here"

"Just stand thereeeeeeee"

That was why the 1st photo

"Hey! Just look at the camera and smile" Well I was unhappy with the 1st photo

"Maybe later?" He was a little embarrassing because people were watching us

"No I want now, just smileeee"

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, that's the reason why he smiled like that in the 2nd photo :P

More random photos
Sleeping lady and a tailor

Lots of pink and red t-shirts

Me buying "Wota"

Sawadeekap ^^
I'm thinking to get myself a Thai traditional dress/costumes..

The Sims The Sims
I saw these lights in the Sims! ^^

Backside 3

We had lunch in one of these stalls

very tired and hot

Kevin's "Yum"

My "Yum"


Chatuchak Park is next door

After meals, just spent a little time there

Waiting train
I'm so tanned

Next station, Siam Paragon :)
Not for shopping, we went there to pee :P


I don't know where I was, something like XXX station (Hahaha), on the way back to our hotel :)

Backside 4, or 5?

Beautiful view

We took some photos there


Don't ask me, I also don't know why he smiled like that!

Ermmmm...I don't think it was me causing this funny/fake smile, I...didn't do anything, except forcing him to smile. Ooh ooooo.. was it because of me, again?

Take 2
Much more better

It's time to go home

Next station, National Stadium

Randoms shots to end this entry
Photos were taken on the way to our place


Alright, it's 1:11am, should go to sleep now.
Goodnight everyone :)



Mike said...

Nice post Violet! I love your market shots - so colorful and lively.

And your bum looks fine, as much as we see of it, anyway! :)


violetmay said...

Hehee! ^^
I'm happy you like my market shots...(erm, actually I'm happy because you don't think my bum is small and flat, LOL!)

Dr V said...

I'm amazed at how you can be on your feet the whole day in those heels. I can imagine how your feet are complaining that they do all the work...and your legs get all the benefits. haha

I wouldn't spend any time worrying about your bum...or your weight. Thanks to Kevin's brilliant camera-work, and your skillful poses, we have a very good idea of how well you're representing the female form. I especially like the one with you striking the "shameless pose" in the previous blog entry.

violetmay said...

Hmmm...I don't think I have good shape, can't trust photos. I just deleted those ugly and dumb shots. You won't get to see it! :P