Friday, November 21, 2008

Bangkok, Day 2-Part II

Hello :D
I like my new violet dress

Our very very very messy room

Some photos before we got out
(I have nothing much to share today, only photos)

View from our hotel

The background almost like a painting

We went to Tesco Lotus for dinner, chose a Thai food restaurant called Kanom Chine Bangkok (I hope that's the name)


Slutty me

Foods we ordered

I have no idea what these were, it tasted like..don't know how to describe, not crunchy

After foods, took train to Nana

EEE, why I looked like that?

Stopped by Burger King for drinks

Checking Lonely Planet

Ah, these...from Long Neck Karon and Chatuchak

Not much photos in Nana, because it rained right after we left Burger King, forced to buy an umbrella from 7-11, left Nana and went to Siam Paragon for a movie instead

We watched a Thai movie called E-Tim/Etim! Extremely funny and both of us laughed non-stop, I thought I would die for laughing too much. Hehehe, anyway, I wanna watch that movie again, looking for their DVD right now! I hope I can find it in Malaysia, otherwise have too wait for another few months to go to Bangkok again ;)

That's all for our Day 2 :)



Dr V said...

Let's be honest here Violet, it's your own blog afterall. The "very, very very messy room" is really just YOUR stuff. And poor Kevin is just trying to be supportive, and pretend that some of the "mess" is his. hahaha Honestly Violet, if we don't have honesty...then what do we have? hahaha

Also, we can exchange the word "slutty" with the word "sexy."

Finally, you could have even offered to treat the elephant to some Burger King, since you were already going there anyway. haha

violetmay said...

Erm, no no no, it's OUR room, I wasn't the only one who messed up the room :P

Talk about Burger King...hey Malaysia sells cheaper BK burger! ;)

Mike said...

Actually, Violet, I think the dress loves you - after all, there are vanishingly few women who would make it look so beautiful.

Your pictures are a welcome gift anytime - never feel that you are depriving us if all you have are pictures. Seeing into your life, vicariously visiting other lands... that is a great gift.