Sunday, November 9, 2008

1st day in Bangkok

Before I talk about Bangkok..
Today is my best friend Hwei Chen's birthday, happy birthday to you dearie!! ^^
Ket and I celebrated Hwei Chen's birthday on Friday after my Jogoya luncheon with Michell, however some very nice photos are in Ket's camera and I plan to meet her (Hwei Chen) tomorrow after work to give her the present I prepared. I didn't give her on Friday because it wasn't ready yet...after 2 weeks of hard will see what I prepared for her tomorrow :P

It's sexy...and it's pinky
Okay okay, not too sexy and not too pinky

So, today I'm not going to talk about Hwei Chen's birthday, save it for tomorrow, gagaga :P Thought to continue my 1st day in Bangkok, as I mentioned in my previous entry, Kevin and I were sick.

In Chiang Mai airport

30 minutes later..
Eeh, where is Kevin, the Fever + headache + diarrhea Superman?
Where is Violet, the Fever + diarrhea Supergirl?

Kevin was sleeping, and Violet have a very "big business conference" in the toilet. I was glad violet didn't have to attend the business conference in the plane's washroom. Otherwise the whole plane will be sucking smelly, HAHAHAHAHA!
Are you eating? Oppps, sorry sorry :P

After an hour of flight (roughly)

we reached Bangkok

The Bangkok airport is enormous! My sick bugs gone (temporarily) and I decided to take a few photos

Waiting for our luggages

Bangkok is a very huge city, we were a bit confused in the airport, blurrr because of high fever. Looked around and a man in coat approached us...asked if we need a taxi to go to our hotel. I said yes without thinking much. They charged 900 baht from the airport to the hotel (It's a 3 star hotel, I forgot the name, need photos to remind me). Hmmm...expensive but we accepted the offer. We paid 1800 baht for the return ride. Next time I will take a meter taxi! I think from the airport to the city centre only 450 baht including tolls

Checked-in 45 minutes later...
I was totally down, went in the room, tipped the bell boy and I'm done

Lying on bed with everything on including my handbag, wanted to go to toilet but I didn't have energy to move...yes, I know I looked good in the previous shots, but...


I was very sick, really sick and I wasn't kidding about my high fever and diarrhea

I thought I will die...I was very weak, mentally and physically

We slept for a few hours, it didn't help at all. I didn't want to go anywhere but Kevin (he was sick but still rational) insisted we must see a doctor and eat something. I only agreed to eat, refused to see a doctor because I'm stingy...hahaha, not stingy la, but..I don't know, I just didn't like the idea.

Our hotel is very near to Lotus, Carrefour, we walked there. I sat everywhere along the way, I sat on the street, squad down...

Hmmm...I think I'm a very strong woman, do you know why?
because I managed to take photos although I was very sick, hahahahahaha :P
Photos without me in it
We ate in a Japanese Restaurant



He didn't finish this, only consumed 50%


I only ate 5% of the foods served, which were 1 slice of meat and 1 small scoop of noodles.

Paid, and left..

I guess the chef must be very disappointed, thought we hated the foods he/she prepared. To be frank, the foods were alright, just, we didn't have appetite

Since I didn't want to see doctor, we went to a local pharmacy instead. Bought some pills and medical kit
This is me, sleeping

I would like to thank my sweetheart Kevin, for taking very good care of me when I was sick :)
Thank you baby! ^^

That's all for my 1st day in Bangkok

P/S: The pills are very strong, we have fully recovered on the second day! ^^



Dr V said...

Poor Superfamily! Traveling for short trips and getting an intestinal flu is the worst. Remember these photos the next time you're packing, so you're reminded to bring the medical essentials we talked about. ^_^

violetmay said...

Yes bossssssssss ;)