Friday, December 4, 2009

Kevin's 2nd birthday celebration

The tiramisu in Dome sucks, it's not freshly baked and I was so disappointed I paid more than RM13++ for a slice of sh*t. The next day I decided to make it up for Kevin, I went to the bakery near my office, bought 2 slices of cake. Hanish Vanilla and Japanese Cheesecake, the names sound good huh? :P
Kevin was very pleased to see the little surprise :D

Hanish Vanilla

Japanese Cheese

My handsome man ^^

Photos together

With the orange juice and cookies he bought ^^

We have candles, but we don't have lighter!! Kevin went to the convenience shop and got it...guess what, the lighter's spoilt, no spark! We just pretend the candles were lit -_-"

But we were still very happy :)))

Last but not least, the MP4 Kevin bought me! ^^

Hee! ^^



CathJ said...

Happy bday for him.. ^_^

So nice ah.. on his bday you got present.. ^_^

violetmay said...

Aiya, I'm such a nasty gf :P

Dr V said...

Hey...that's a very thoughtful girlfriend! I love the surprise you made for him. THEN, we all got surprised by Kevin buying you a gift on HIS birthday. Hey! Is that some new tradition I didn't hear about yet? hahaha

Looks like fun. It's always special when someone precious to you does something extra for you. So no matter what you thought about the was surely highly appreciated as well. By the way, I've been to Italian restaurants, and some had the worst Tiramisu. So don't be too hard on your place there.

Happy 2nd birthday Kevin!!!! Celebrating your birthday doesn't get over-done my friend.

violetmay said...

Ooh well...I'm considering to make it a tradition, to make him buy Christmas presents for me on his birthday from this year onwards, Buahahahhaa :P