Saturday, January 9, 2010

Gonna miss my baby Sugar

We're going to Johor in 9 hours, need to get up early...I haven't pack a thing.
Brought Sugar to a Petshop earlier, she's staying there for 2 nights. I packed her bottle water, my clothes (a.k.a.her blanket), her small t-shirt (in case she's cold), her small toy, her foods...gave it to the person in charge for pet boarding. The environment there is way better than the animal hotel (more like a prison, cold and dark) I saw the other day.
I told them Sugar is my baby, I love her so much and I'm going to miss her badly. They just smiled and told me everything's going to be fine. There were about 7-8 furbabies there too, some of them are staying there for a few days, at least...Sugar isn't alone.
I called them just now, they told me Sugar is all fine, eating and playing the toy I left behind. I miss her so much now, everything's so different without her sleeping on my laps as I online, like now. I know I'm going to miss her crazily, madly, badly.
I miss my baby Sugar!!!
I'm going to make several calls tomorrow
Took this pic today

Sugar, momma will bring you home on Sunday! :D
Love ya



Dr V said...

Let me do my mind-reading/body language analysis on Sugar. "Mommy, why are you abandoning me? Mommy and daddy must be ashamed of me, because they always leave me behind when they're traveling to interesting and far away places." Poor Sugar!!!!!! hahaha

Safe travels V V! I'm sure that Sugar is in great hands. ^_^

violetmay said...

Sugar is now back in my arms, she's sleeping right now. My mind was full of her when I couldn't see her in Johor! :(