Saturday, March 8, 2008

My knitted dress

I've been busy knitting for the past few weeks, this hobby really makes me fat. I gained weight just because of it, you know...I can't be doing exercise and knitting at the same. I just sit, and sit for hours, my butt is no longer 34 inches, it has grown wider and bigger, LOL!

Okay, don't talk about my butt, let's talk about my new knitted dress. This design has got 2 layers, my knitting teacher (Ching Jie) did the first layer (crochet is really difficult to me..), and I'm responsible for the inner layer, see? This is her work, impressive right? I'm really loving it!

Actually the cost of this dress is around RM200 to RM270, depends on the number of yarns we use. For a finished dress (like this design), Ching Jie charges RM700 (minimum). But I only need to pay the cost of the yarns. Shhhh...this is between Ching Jie and me, otherwise her husband and other customers will scream at her :))

It's actually considered a present from her. She likes me very much, I still remember the first time I met her, it was 3 years ago... ;)

I'm still working on my part, a long way to go...I think I need another week :P
knitting knitting...

Hehehe, do you want to know how I took this photo?
My neck is my tripod :P