Friday, July 4, 2008

A cute visitor in the office, and fruits tarts are delicious too!

Bee-sy day

The scar on my face is fading day by day, guess it might needs a month.

I really went to the saloon for permanent hair removal, I like the beautician, she is friendly :)
I did laugh a little during the process, it was itchy...and damned painful! I still need to go there for another 6 times, it's impossible to get rid of those unwanted hairs in just one treatment. 6 MORE TIMES!!! To be frank, I don't know what she did to me (her name is winnie), she applied several types of gels and creams on my armpits, wiped it off, reapplied again, and finally she used an equipment, it's L shape (I have no idea what that is), and started to torture me...I didn't look at it, scarrrry la...I was a bit regret in the room. Around 30 minutes later, done!

Some silly photos I took in the office

So happy...even though the process was painful

Lunch time! ^^
With Kevin's friend, Zoe. I have a friend named Zoe too, miss her so much!

Kevin with my fettucine al funghi

Me and half Zoe flabby arms :(

BBQ Chicken Chop rice

After lunch, our client visited us in the office, she brought her daughter along :)
Cute little girl ^^

No toys in the office, so I gave her a pencil and 2 papers. Guess most of the children like drawing :)
Yes she did! In fact she likes to draw

I drew this (upon request) :P


I made a cup of hot chocolate for her

She took this!
Do you believe? ;)

Candid snapshots, she snapped this ;)
Now you see my messy workstation...

You see, my works are piling up, so much work!
She really LOVES to take photos, actually she asked me to take all of these photos, including our portraits together, hahaa

At night, I bought some fruits tarts from de pastry chef

Too nice!!! ^^

Vanilla pudding

These are nice to see, and yummy to eat! ^^

Joan and mum love it so much! I'm going to buy more next time, heheee! ^^