Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hill Tribes of Northern Thailand

I just checked back the photos we took in Hill tribes of Northern Thailand, total madness...we were in a hurry, photos taken were all in very bad quality. I thought it would be fine after adjusting contrasts brightness white balance and everything, but apparently the results are still very disappointing. Please don't ask why these photos are blur or the colors are cartoon, fake, or whatever you call it, I tried my best. A lot of photos we took are only taken once, no second or third shots to let me choose.

Anyway, I really appreciate visit to the Hill Tribes (They call it Karen Village in short), I was touched and I felt really happy being there (well it doesn't mean I wanna live there tho, hehee). Kevin and I joined this tour package was because of the Hill tribes village, if it wasn't because of it, I don't think we were willing to spend 3000 baht for 2 persons (we didn't get better price as I mentioned in my previous entries).

Karen village is about 3 hours from Chiang Mai, after 3 hours of windy and bumpy roads, finally...we reached!

It's not hard to tell that I was very happy

Akha, Lahu and Long Neck Karen

She was the first tribe lady I saw that day, Molly said she is more than a hundred years old and even appeared in National Geography :)

I approached, wanted to take a photo with her...
Check her hands, she put my hand on her waist!

At first I was a little worried, because I wasn't sure if body contact with stranger which is ME is normal to them

But I guess she likes me, see? She smiled! :D
Her smile is very cute and she made my day


Random photos

Long neck, Akha and Lahu karen are very close to each other,
walking from Akha to Lahu and Long Neck karen...

Eeh, what is she doing?

About there..

"Come come come..."

More photos in Lahu and Long Neck karen

Hey I just realised I like to take photos with children :)
They don't wear low cut, won't steal the lime light...MUAHAHAHAHAHA

Kevin wanted to take photo with one of them, so I said
"Hey you don't sit too close, maybe her husband will come after you later" :P

LOL! Kevin sat too far :P

This lady!
I think I saw her before, maybe in some magazines :)


I bought some scarfs from her

Her baby is very adorable :D

This is their special necklace...4KG

Didn't spend long in Lahu and long neck karen, was in a hurry. It was around 7pm, by the time we reach Chiang Mai would be around 10pm, that was why Molly was rushing us

However, Molly was VERY willing to pose with me :P

Some photos before we leave this peaceful and wonderful karen..

If time allowed, I would love to spend the whole day here, maybe for a night or two :)
I really wish to go there again...