Monday, March 9, 2009

Devil versus Angel

I think I must wear something really young, e.g. just a tee with short skirt/jeans/shorts with my short hair, I think I look funny in dresses, you know...not match and I look really "funny".

Friday I bought 3 dresses, Saturday another 2, and Sunday which was yesterday another 2 again, it's all about SALE, SALE, SALESSSS, I hate to do shopping during sales, because I hardly use my brain to buy things during the promotion period, or at least I wouldn't feel guilty.

"Should I buy this?" I ask
"Yeah!!!" Devil
"No, you have too many dresses and you don't need this one" Angel
"But you DON'T have something like this..." Devil
"It's not too cheap, you can save that money" Angel
"It has got discount!!" Devil
"I'm afraid you will regret if you buy it" Angel
"Yeah yeah yeah leave it and you will REGRET later!" Devil

Devil against angel, the answer is very obvious..

Now I ended up staring at the mirror telling myself

"Keep these... you don't look good in dresses now"

What the fuck, why I spent that money at the first place? I couldn't believe I spent money buying dresses that I wouldn't wear now.
Anyway I'm not regretting, it's always goooood to have some new items for yourself, after all I didn't shop for erm...quite a long time ;)

Photos taken by sweetheart

Devil versus angel, who wins?



Unknown said...

I always pictured you as more of a devil. :) Cute skirt.

CathJ said...

You look wonderful.. You should look like this more often.. Dont waist that figure and cute look of the hair... Play with pink as well.. ;-)

violetmay said...


Pink is a very nice color, but sigh I think I look bad in many outfits now :((

Dr V said...

Judging from the HUGE size of your wardrobe...the "Devil" might as well not have any competition at all. hahaha

You look great in your photos...not "funny."

violetmay said...

How do you know the size of my wardrobe? :P
I need a new one!!

Mike said...

Who wins? We do! As long as you keep posting, anyway!

violetmay said...

Hahahaha, who lost then? wallet :P