Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Girls fight - on bed

This is the photo I took from my previous messy hair project
Since my face has got an ugly scar, would hate to snap any photos of myself temporarily. Ah, maybe tomorrow the scar will disappear forever, so long, farewell! I need to say goodbye...GOODBYE SCA...R~~

P/s: Not a slumber party


This blog entry is NOT suitable for children


I'm actually quite open-minded (or maybe very open-minded to certain things). Oh well...if I were to be given a chance for once in my life, I would like to taste the feeling of getting an unforgettable night with a lady.

I'm not kidding

I've always thought that maybe/ or I was a prostitute in my previous life, if not, why I always have so much fantasies in AHEM? This DOES NOT mean I'm a sex maniac OKAY? I think I wanna kill you, but it doesn't mean I'm really going to kill you tonight or tomorrow night, or just any other nights :P

I don't know how to tell you, you know where is the first part that I see (should say love to see) when I meet hot babes? I... I.... :') getting shy to tell you, LOL!

Alright, I look at their boobs


I'm cheeks are turning really red, as red as a fresh tomato :'P

I think my girls friends are starting to run away from me. I TOLD YOU, I'm not a sex maniac, and I only look at hot babes, my friends are too feminine and sweet, I'm not interested to ahem my friends :P

I'm telling the truth

I know I know, I'm not the only woman who loves to see people's boobs, but...sometimes I will imagine what's underneath their shirts. LOL! This is not really Violet huh? I don't know why I want to blog about this, but I just felt like blogging about my personal preference today

Back to the topic

I told Kevin about this, and honestly I told him what will he feels if I sleep with women (obviously NOT MEN!). Hmmm, he told me, it's too exciting for men to think about this. Look at those lesbian sites, I believe not merely lesbian women are interested to peep other people's job, but a normal men would have the desire to see as well. And sleeping with a lady is not as the same as sleeping with a man. Women don't have d*ck. Surprisingly, he actually could accept if I touch a woman. He said “ could try if you really want...promise your prospect is not a man” “Or maybe we can go to Thailand, I will find you one, but there is NO NEXT TIME, only once in your life time” Yuhooo, I'm so excited when I think of it :P

Hmmm...he doesn't want to stop me from trying anything (things that he can tolerate, wonder why he could tolerate about this?), he hopes I won't regret in doing everything. Oh well, actually he is worried about this too, because...what if I found out I'm a lesbian EVENTUALLY? And, don't you feel it's kind of “WEIRD” being together with a woman who has this kind of preference? SIGH, imagination is good, but reality is too (-_-")... ......

I didn't mean homosexual is bad, it's just your own choice, right? Love somebody, not just because of the gender, but it's because he/she is who he/she is ;) Oops, I didn't mean to encourage you to do anything, it's merely my point of view, no discriminations ya ;)


There are no harms to Think Think right?

My thoughts won't hurt anybody, so many things we say we dare to do, but lives are fragile, flirting around doesn't seems to be a good idea.

Why don't I experiment HOW TO FRENCH KISS?


Mike said...

Hmmmm. Maybe it's the puritanical streak we in the United States grow up with, but I'm conflicted.

I don't have a problem with homosexuality, and it's accepted that sexual preference, especially in women, is more of a continuum than an either/or situation.

Further, as some might say over here, if you don't have a ring and a date, you're not engaged.

All that being said, I think it's fairly clear that you and Kevin are in a committed relationship. To have a sexual experience with a woman isn't really that different than the same basic experience with a man. If it's cheating to spend a night with a man, it's cheating to spend the night with a woman - you're depriving your partner of your fidelity, of your intimacy, and your affection. While you may feel that it's harmless exploration, it may be less harmless than you, or Kevin, can know.

I don't know. I think that there are sacrifices in all relationships, and it is the sacrifices that make the relationship valuable. Then again, I'm probably not the ideal model for relationships.

laverew said...

This is a different side of you, how interesting..........


violetmay said...

Guys...I hope I didn't scare you off :P
I'm really weird, compared to people around me. The cultures in Malaysia (Asia) aren't the same with you, I assumed.
It's really hard to make people understand the very inside of me.