Thursday, August 13, 2009

The World Bestest buddies!

Best friends will never leave you alone
Best friends will never let you down
Best friends will never talk behind your back
Best friends will never blame you for eating their favourite biscuits
Best friends will never steal your toilet rolls (Haha, maybe some of them will do this?)
Best friends will never say no when you say yes (Erm, okay, not really)
Best friends will never fart in public and tell the whole world you release the "gas"
Best friends will never take your pencil and never return back
Best friends will never say you are beautiful when you just smudge your mascara
Best friends will never...........
the list goes on

Well, that's for Best friends..
What about world Bestest friends?
World Bestest friends will never leave you alone when you take photos!
My Bestest friend Cynthia pulled my top when 2 cameras were pointing at me...huhuhuuu... :'(
Camera A

Camera B

See, she laughed evilly!! Bestest friend, you'll have to pay back for whatever you did!! :P



laverew said...

Your braver than me, I would never have gotten on that walkway.


Your looking great as usual

violetmay said...

Believe me, it's not that scary! ;))

laverew said...

Thinking about it, I might have followed three such beautiful women........


Dr V said...

Funny photos! haha While you might be asking your friend to pull your top down for the camera, it seems you're also trying to push another friend closer to the edge. Such mischief! Yes sure, best buddies, huh? hahaha

I'm happy you all had a chance to be together for this "La-cation." It's not easy to coordinate such a trip for so many people, so consider yourselves fortunate.

violetmay said...

You missed it ;)

Dr V
It was indeed tough to organize this trip, 6 of us have different ideas and different personalities. But everything was fine because we are best friends! ;)