Monday, August 17, 2009

David and Pikky's wedding dinner

It was a very busy weekend, until I forgot my blog -_-"
Pikky and I were from the same elementary school, didn't keep in touch after graduated and I met her in train station 2 years ago, it was such a long time! She's still the same...all the same all the same all the same...okay if you insist, she only changed from single to married, that's all :P

On the way to her wedding dinner in a restaurant (forgot the name sigh) in Timesquare


Pikky and I :D

We reached there 30 minutes earlier than we planned

Mr Kevin Koo, when is our turn? :P

I actually clipped my hair, doesn't look nice

Thought to take some photos, I didn't expect my some other old classmates reached the time self-timer started to count down. Look at Kevin, he didn't bother to care! :P
3 continuous shot

I felt so embarrassing, my old buddies were actually there waiting to say HI :P

Okay, this is the last one :P

Left to right, Brendan Yap, Stella Wong and I (I didn't meet Stella Wong for 13 years!!!)

She didn't change much too, still the same sweet lady ;)

Together with Pikky, the bride
We chatted non stop, lots to catch up after didn't see each other for 13 years

Photo before the wedding function ended

Ah! This is the name of the restaurant, Ermmm...Golden Dragon seafood restaurant? I guess it is! ;)

I wish Pikky and her beloved husband a very happy married life! :)
and...I need more gatherings! Heee ^^



Dr V said...

Looks like a very nice wedding reception for David and Pikky. That's really smart of David to include that photo of him getting punched by Pikky, so he'll have proof later-on when he's telling people how married life is really hard on the chin. Women are mean!!!!!! hahaha Can't we all just get along? haha

Bright atmosphere, and they seem like a fun-loving couple. Congrats David and Pikky! Best wishes to many many happy and healthy years together.

violetmay said...

Thank you Dr V :D
The wedding dinner was on 8th of August...080809, it's a very good number in Chinese society ;)
I believe both of them will have very happy lives together! :D