Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oriental Village-Langkawi Cable Car Part 2

Holy COW!!!!! :D
You will see photos of us posing in that bridge later :P

The bridge is about 15 minutes walking distance from the view point

Walking, keep walking

I have big belly... :P

Ello, where are my friends?

I love this pic :D

Wow weeeeeeee!!
Photos! :D



Group Pic

I love this place very much...hope can go there again with Kevin one day :)



Dr V said...

Yeah, sure...after you had all the fun a person can have at that beautiful place, then you remember you left poor Kevin behind working so hard. How nice of you to remember! haha

It seemed like a lot of walking, and I saw this little girl in one of the photos wondering why you looked so tired. hahaha

Very scenic views from that remarkable bridge! At first I thought there were cars allowed on it, and I was thinking it looked a little scary for drivers. But for foot-traffic, I think it looks very capable. Actually, if that were in America, we would need some nets below the bridge. With all the elephant-sized people we have here, surely that bridge wouldn't be able to take the abuse. haha Luckily it's in Asia. ^_^

Thanks again for sharing your awesome adventure V V!

P.S.: That's not a belly you have...it's from the "Pregnant Maiden" water you were seen gulping-down. At least that's what I'm going to tell Kevin if he asks me. hahaha

violetmay said...

Hehee! It's funny when you said elephant-sized people, size doesn't matter...(LOL!) :P
The scenery from up there was wonderful, hope you will come and see it yourself one day! :D