Friday, August 7, 2009

Plastic Girl

I added blushes, changed iris colours and dyed hair, looked really plastic...don't quite like it but must admit the process of doing/editing photos was quite entertaining, LOL!
Plastic girl



CathJ said...

So kawaiii... but not that eyes.. o.O

Dr V said...

Hahaha Plastic...or maybe even scary! haha

I've seen those contact lenses that are so popular which color the eyes, and also make the pupils look bigger. Then there are the false eye-lashes that can be used as wings if the person blinks fast enough. And then we have the human hair that people weave into their own. Other than that, I think people are completely natural. ^_*

Seriously, I think if people can feel better from a few changes...who am I to judge? I just hope that eventually they will find peace inside...and realize the changes on the outside don't really matter.

violetmay said...

LOL! I always love green eyes, but I think I'm not suitable in getting a pair of colored lenses myself :P

Dr V
You made my laugh my lungs out!!! "false eye-lashes that can be used as wings if the person blinks fast enough", I LOVE what you wrote, HAHAHAHAHA!! But that's so called trend, don't be surprised if I put that wings on my lashes :P
The changes on the outside don't matter, that's why we change it! :P

Dr V said...

Eyelashes are fine, so put them on if you like. But how do you know if you put on too much eyelash? Here's a few hints:
1) If you're trying to blow-out the candles on your birthday cake with your eyelashes, and you end up blowing away the whole house.

2) If you're walking in a park, and something gets in your eye. I don't know how...your eyelashes are so long! And your eyes are watering to clear them out. Suddenly when your vision clears, you realize that all the leaves are blown off the trees.

3) If you and Kevin are enjoying a nice romantic dinner, and Kevin says something very touching to make you start to cry. Suddenly Kevin is wearing your romantic dinner.

These are but a few hints to suggest maybe your eyelashes are just too long! hahaha

violetmay said...