Friday, August 28, 2009

Pulay Payar - Part 1

3rd day in Langkawi Island
Got up at 7am, had breakfast and got in bus around 8am, really sleepy...shouldn't have played cards last night -_-"
That's Ket and I in the mirror, I think Ket was sleeping..hehee :P

Ah no..she was awake
We were so so soooo excited, couldn't wait to go to Pulau Payar/Payar Island!! So so soooo excited that I can't swim and still want to snorkel, don't know how to spell D.I.E. :P
Okay la, at least Ket, Hwei Chen and Cynthia are good swimmers ;)

Going going going! :D

While waiting for the big boat..

It's fun seeing them acting this way

Departure hall!! It's always good to see "Departure Hall" and "Arrival Hall".
Holiday mood! ^^

Cyn is so cute in this photo :D

Evon and Sharon

Helen, a.k.a. Ket Mui

Christine and I
That's her hat >.<

Me, with Ket's shades, she brought 2 shades ;) first it's Christine's hat, now it's Ket's shades, wonder what comes next?

All of us!
Ket looked very nice in this photo, loving it! :D

It was raining at the other side of island

And hour later, we reached Pulau Payar :)

That's the platform we stayed for around 4 hours

Diving equipments

Cyn and Christine, helping Sharon..she doesn't swim too, like me :(
I really need to thank Ket and Hwei Chen, in "carrying" me around with 2 life jackets -_-"
Huh? Why I took 2 life jackets? Ermmm...because I was scared, I don't swim I don't swim I don't swim..huhuuuu :'((( This is one of the reasons (out of hundreds) why I didn't bring bikini, it's kind of ashame wearing bikini but don't swim, get it get it get it?

Lunch time!

It's buffet style, but the foods were...AHEM! It took them forever to replenish foods and the fish fillets I got were as hard as rock, not nice!

I'm gonna kill you with this "Hard Rock Fish Fillet"



Dr V said...

Hey, is that driver flirting with his passengers? Looks like you caught him in your photo! hahaha

So you only needed 2 life-jackets? Well people with big hearts of gold usually need more. Take me for example...I need 6! That's 1 jacket for every finger on my left hand. hahaha

That looks like a really fun boat trip! At first I was wondering why some people were wearing bikinis getting on the boat. That means your sequence in presenting your photos builds a story. And that's the only compliment you'll hear from me! :p

The buffet looks quite tasty too! I'm hopeful that you ladies will have another chance to be together like this in the future. Looks like you really enjoy each other's company.

laverew said...

You looked very nice in the black one piece swimsuit. Bikini's are for showing off in and not for swimming (and you look very nice in a bikini). Was this trip before your tatto?


violetmay said...

Dr V
6 of us are planning to go for vacation once every year, it's good to travel with friends, it's something more than a gathering, but to create more happy memories together! :D

Hi Larry, that's before the tattoo :))