Monday, August 24, 2009

One of the "MUST DO" in Langkawi

Chocolate, liquor, beer...perfume, etc
All tax free! ^^
This is why, people drink beer every day and night in Langkawi..HAHA, okay, not all people, I mean tourists, like us :P But the problem is, we don't really like beer, so we didn't actually drink beer day and night -_-"
When we planned, we put this "activity" on top of our "to do list", we planned to buy cartons of beer and "Pek Zhao" (drink drink bottoms up!) at night!
On the 1st night, we bought 6 cans...6 cans!!!...only -_-" but we were too tired, headed to bed after shower, the 2nd night, we knew we MUST do it or we WILL NOT do it forever (because we did not plan to take any beer on the 3rd night)
We bought another 6 cans, and headed to the beach

Evon and I

All of us!
Apparently nobody was in the beach at night, except us, but I have to take a photo of all of us..thus.. :(

All Carlsberg Beer...and no they did not pay for this "advertisement" :P

Evon has got horns :P



All mine, Christine said

Okay, for some reasons, I love these photos a lot...
1st: Laughing Evon

2nd: Serious Evon

3rd: HAHAHA!!!
See Helen (Ket Mui) behind me? They said she looked like a shy shemale in this shot, LOL!!!!

The cushion loved to stick with Cynthia

Helen and I

All drunkards

Cynthia, loving her red wine

I want some!

End of the night...none of us got drunk, we didn't even finish the beer. I know we looked so drunk so red in these pictures, but it was all because of sun burnt and sleepy bugs, remember we spent the whole day walking climbing under the big sun? :)

But I think girls tend to do stupid things with her girl friends...especially when there're no guys around.
Hmmmpf! This is why you should never leave your girl behind :P



CathJ said...

Wakakakakak... just look on how the girls seat... ;-p...

Look soo gangster...hahahah....

anyway... its girls days out!!!!!! enjoyyyy!!!!!!!! ^_^

violetmay said...

Just wanted to act "gangster" ma.. :P

Dr V said...

Sooooo many beer cans! I lost count after I reached a few thousand. How many cans were there you ask? Well if you placed the cans side-by-side, then you could make your own bridge from Malaysia to America...and back! hahaha

I'm really impressed that you all decided to drink right under the "no outside beverages like Carlsberg..." sign! haha

It's great that you all had a chance to enjoy your night on the beach. Looks like it added the perfect toast to a fun vacation! ^_^

violetmay said...

Ermm...actually we didn't notice that "No outside food and drink" until you mentioned it, hehee! ;P