Monday, August 3, 2009

How to fake-an-eye

As you know, Sugar LOVES to shake her head every time after I comb her hair, I think she has the potential to be a Rock Pet, shall bring her for audition, LOL!
It's not hard to snap photos with her, but to have a decent one, well...that's a little tough. Like this one, snapped by Kevin's mobile.
The original photo

Where's her right eye?!
Her hair covered her eye..

I decided to give her a fake eye, thus, "Fake-an-eye" :P
First, I smudged her right eye, like this...(actually you can skip this)

After that, filled it with black color

and then, smudged her eye again by dragging her hair color to make it looked natural

See! Now she has got right eye in this photo :D

Hehee! ;)

It's easy to fake-an-eye, but I can't do this for all photos, now I shall stop her from shaking her head!



CathJ said...

Cool.... ^_^

Dr V said...

Poor Sugar...came into Violet's house with 2 eyes, but now it's down to just 1 already. Well thanks to Photoshop, Sugar can once again face the public with both eyes intact. hahaha

Really cute photos, and I see you don't have any trouble at all convincing Sugar to pose for a family portrait. ^_^ It's the first rule of living in Violet's must take lots of photos! haha Great job getting that message across to Sugar. ^_^

violetmay said...

Thank you Cath :)))

Dr V
Muahahha, she always have 2 eyes, I just wish she wouldn't shake her head like rock star everytime after I comb her hair, maybe you should stop her!! :P