Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dinner in Sutra, Thai Restaurant

On 20, August ;)
We've always wanted to try Sutra, but either it was too late for a dinner or I carved for fast foods. That day after work, we finally has the time to try there :)

Very nice ambience, and the service was quite good
There are a lot of little Buddha statues on the wall...

Man that I love

Woman that he loves

Crackers that we love, lol! :P
It tasted great when you are hungry

Some photos

Always on the phone, SIGH!

Our order
Chiang Mai set and Bangkok set


Darling and I

Love ya! :D

Wanna know what Kevin gave me for our 4th year?
Will let you know tomorrow..hehee! ;)



laverew said...

I know there must be something that you could do to keep Kevin off of his phone.....


Dr V said...

I noticed that you had stars in your eyes when you were looking at those chips you love. What about the stars when you're looking at Kevin? HUH? HUH? Now I can tell that Kevin must position himself right behind your favorite foods when you're hungry, so you can have stars in your eyes as you look in his direction. hahaha

Wow...that restaurant looks awesome! I can even taste the food from here. Who says you can't taste and smell over the Internet? ^_^

violetmay said...

Yeah...pinch his ears, I just knew it! :P

Dr V
Hahaha, do you need a handkerchief? Your saliva is all over your keyboard! :P