Thursday, August 20, 2009

20, August 2005 - 20, August 2009

Today is a very special day :)
Kevin and I've dated for 4 years...
We've been seeing each other for 4 solid years!!! Time really flies, he was 27 and I was he is 31 and I'm 25 (suddenly feel OLD). Gosh can I turn back time? :P
He always give me the best he could offer, always caring, loving...he might not be a detailed person, but he could read my mind, I would never have to tell him what I want, he just knew it :)
Today, I'm a very happy woman (ahem, girl) because of him. I really appreciate everything he gave me, love love love love love and loves :)
It's amazing that we've never quarreled about anything in these 4 years, it's hard to believe but I'm very proud to tell you, we've never. All credits go to Kevin, I'm a nasty girl friend ;P

I wanted to post some old photographs, I believe we have more than ten thousand photos, I selected some to post here. Anyway photos are in bad quality, it was all taken by phone :)
In Sungai Wang


Oldtown Cafe Petaling Street

4th day of Chinese New Year 2006

In Starbucks, after I went to Redbox with friends

A park near his house

Petaling Street, his lunch break


The 1st and only time we took bus together

The Weld complex, after my class

In a Chinese Cafe near Sigma Building

Picked me up after my 1st working day in SEGi

In Halo Cafe, before it became Heaven Cafe

In Wai Hoong's wedding dinner in Hotel Midah

Pizza Hut KLCC, there was a pizza hut there

Christmas in One Utama

The Curve

His friend Jason's wedding dinner, Wai Hoong took this photo

The first time we went to IKEA together

The 1st time we tried Vietnam Kitchen/Little Vietnam in Mid Valley

We loved to take photos by timer in parking lot

In Comma, Mid Valley

Coffeebean, Ampang


New Year countdown in One Utama, photo taken in Sushi King

In my house

All of the photos were taken in 2006, 3 years back. I believe we have many more years together and I'm sure he is the ONE in my life, thank you for everything, sweetheart... I LOVE YOU! ^^
Happy 4th year anniversary ^^



CathJ said...

OMG 4 years???? YOu both should think about 'marriage' already!!! ^_^

laverew said...

I'm sure Kevin would agree with me in saying that your getting more beautiful each year.....


violetmay said...

We are actually planning it :'P
One of my sisters will marry this year, next year another one, I have to wait until my turn :P

Thank you Larry :))

Dr V said...

If there's 10,000 photos of both of you, then Kevin must have taken 10,000,000 photos of V V! We know people in Violet's side of the family are on very friendly terms with cameras. haha

Congrats to both of you on your 4 years together! I'm really happy to see you still getting along well, and growing with each other. Relationships take lots of time and energy, but when you're with the right person--they're very worthwhile. Disagreements don't long as you're both fighting to stay together. I hope this will always be your aim. Continued good-fortune to you both, and we all love seeing you 2 together.

Now that I've said some nice things, I hope you remember to name your first 2 children after me. hahaha Just kidding...the first child is enough. ;p

violetmay said...

Dr V, you never fail to keeping me laugh :P

k.o.w.a.l.s.k.i said...

congrats to you and kevin :)
it's unbelievable that you both never quarelled even once! have to learn from you guys...
btw, you did you bump into such a great bf? share your stories hehe...

violetmay said...

It's a long story...I will share it someday :) was started with a word "stupiak", hehee! ;)