Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pulau Beras Basah (Wet Rice Island), Langkawi

Heading to Pulau Beras Basah, a.k.a. Beras Basah Island (Wet Rice Island) :D
56 photos

See! :D
We were there, hee!

They were happy, but I wasn't...because I wasn't inside the picture, I don't want to be a photographer!! Hmpf! :P


The seawater is clear, like crystals...

White sand...

It made me think of Phi Phi Island ;))

Some photos

Our fat feet :P

That's me being silly

Extremely happy violet :D

Evon, taking Sharon's photo...

Wanna see what's behind Sharon?
Me! Hahaha, this was how I got the above picture :P

Evon's turn!

Christine joined me this time, lol! :P

We bought some coconuts, RM5 each! Not really cheap -_-"

I thought we looked kind of cool there...muahahaha :P

Well...I forgot how it happened, Christine gave me a signature of her palm, freaking painful, huhuhuuu :'(
But it was fun! :P

Monkeys again -_-"

was waiting for foods..

Cynthia, on the phone with her From Borneo with Love, gagaga :P


This monkey was quite aggressive..I gave up my coconut (LOL) after awhile

That coconut was mine!! :'(

Photos before we left the beautiful island :)


Helen's shades
I know she loves me...see? She only has me in her eyes :P
Ahem, okay, Christine was inside too

Didn't know I have a super girl living in me! :D

LOVE it :)

Left Pulau Beras Basah after spending an hour there, next up, ermm......need to check my photos first :P



Mike said...

Wow Violet!! It looks like you had a great trip! I'm jealous!

I really like the picture of you in her sunglasses - nicely done! You're also making quite the sour face in the picture with you and Christine and her broken coconut... adorable yet strange at the same time. :D

We eagerly await your next pictures.

violetmay said...

Thank you Mike!! I will post more photos soon, I'm happy you like it :D

Dr V said...

We've seen your trip to Wet Rice Island from some very interesting angles. Love the forward and reverse side photos, and also the photo of the photographer in the reflection. Since Photographer Violet wants to be in the really wild photos, then I think you should trust the monkeys more. If they can beg for your coconut, then they can take group portraits too. haha

Yes, yes...the Island is beautiful. Yes the water is so clear, and the sands so white. We can even see Flying Ket walking on the water throwing peace signs. But why don't we see anyone drinking the clean water? What, the water's not good enough for you or something? hahaha

Love all the photos V V! The emotion of the trip comes through the photos very clearly. Keep up the great work!

violetmay said...

LOL! Nobody wants to drink the water because none of us wanted to get pregnant (actually that one only "applicable" to the Lake of the Pregnant Maide):P
The monkeys were more aggressive that the ones we saw in the Lake of Pregnant Maiden, it would be good if they could join us for group photos but that's mission impossible, maybe I should find Tom Cruise :P