Sunday, August 2, 2009

Who ate my Durian?

Just bathed Sugar, she's now sitting on my laps, checking if I'm talking bad about her :P
Nah, she is a good girl, just chicken-out whenever I want to bathe her -_-"

That's irrelevant with Durian, obviously...but, who ate MY durians? It was there at the fridge last night before I went out. I thought to have Durian Breakfast, didn't have Weng to buy anything for me, the moment I opened the fridge door and saw the durian box lying there flat on the first shelf, I knew something was wrong, some one must have eaten my durians as I knew mum "hid" it somewhere in the fridge, she promised to hide it! :'(

I lifted it up, it was as light as feather (okay not really), I opened the box...what happened to my durians?! :'( My cheeks were turning red as my anger rose up, my breakfast was gone. I was too shocked and I almost fainted, I swore to eat the person (who ate my durians) alive! Ermm...maybe not to that extent, I just wanted to express how upset I was this morning.

Having durians as breakfast was definitely a "smelly" plan, everyone knows you eat durians once you open your mouth or pee for the WHOLE day, that's why we often eat durians in the evening. It's, it's not stinky, it's the best aroma in this planet, in every planets (Not Durian perfume please, it sucks). My saliva drips whenever I smell it. I heart it, I love it, I really adore durians!!! I must confess I'm a durian maniac!!

There, photos of me with durians 2 years ago... The happiest moment :'(
Durian Maniac

Mr Durian careful!

Love me or hate me

I just love you...

Who ate my durians?!!!!!



CathJ said...

weiiiii.... stop it!!!! Now I am drooling!!!

Will go tesco to buy the ready open 1... T_T

violetmay said...

Now I made myself hungry too...hunger for durians :'(

Dr V said...

I couldn't imagine how strong you must be to have that durian so close to your head. haha Seriously, I tried to eat it, but I just couldn't get it close enough to my face to put it in my mouth. hahaha Of course everyone says it's delicious, and I hope that one day I'll investigate myself. ^_^ Always happy to see you so happy though.

violetmay said...

LOL! I wouldn't mind sleeping with durians, it's always my favourite, will never get enough of it :D