Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Durian Perangin Waterfall, Langkawi

After climbing up and down in Oriental Village, we went to Durian Perangin Waterfall, it's about 45 minutes from Oriental Village.
P/s: I didn't see durians there, sad...maybe it's just the name.
Anyway, 45 photos

Welcome to Durian Perangin in Malay

Need to climb up again?!

Hahah, just a few steps, not a problem! :P

Bridge again?!?!? :P

Okay, it's just a mini one

Lake again?!?!?!?!

LOL! It's a mini lake

I was like OMFG we traveled so far and this was what we got -_-"
It's so mini!! Everything was mini...and I wondered why it's one of the tourist spots...

Anyway, a photo to remember the moment!

....hmmm okay wait until you see more ;)

Apparently these stone steps would lead us to another place, we decided to walk further

It was quite a long way up there, especially we were actually exhausted after we went to the Pregnant Maiden Lake, Wet Rice Island, Eagle Feeding and Oriental Village Cable Car in the morning and noon. I laughed looking at Evon's expression :P
Evon gave up after a while, she decided to wait us down there with Sharon, Cynthia, Christine and I continued to climb up, because Helen was already miles ahead!

There are a few small waterfalls along the stone steps

Long way to go!

About 15 minutes later, we reached "the peak", hahahahaha! :P

....not very impressive, but, we felt so excited, like we should get an awards for climbing up or so :P


Wonder what we got?

This is the picture ;)

With my bestie :)

More photos..
Christine and I are in the photo too! Spot it yourself! :P

We didn't bring swimsuit...and I fell down, see my top was wet! :'(

My hair color is ugly -_-"
It spoilt the picture

Wedding photos :P

Candid snapshots

Last picture of the day

If you ask me to rate this waterfall, I don't know, rate it yourself ;)



laverew said...

I rate the waterfall ok and I rate the women A+.......was the water cold?


CathJ said...

By looking at the photo.. I think it's beautiful tho'... Nice pics all!

violetmay said...

The water is cold ;)

Thank you Cath! ^^

Dr V said...

Slipped in the water, huh? Hmmmm...well your friends warned you not to wear your 10cm high-heels into the water. Why do you think none of them fell into the water with you? Well I think someone just needed an opportunity to wash their clothes in public...while they were still on the "hanger." I think it's about time someone "came clean" on what was the real reason they fell in the water! hahaha

That waterfall was well worth the climb getting there. Just one more example of how some of the best experiences ask us to give a little more effort to reach them. I'm happy that you took us along, even though we didn't earn that fantastic view.

violetmay said...

No...I didn't wear 10cm high-heels, my "slipper" is only 8cm... :P
Actually I'm very proud of my friends and myself, Evon and Sharon should have followed us to climb up! ;)