Sunday, August 9, 2009

Langkawi erm...

Still Day 2 after so many entries..hahaha :P
Guess where we were heading?

We were heading to Oriental Village, Langkawi Cable Car :D
Beautiful scenery along the way

Passed by this Cendol & Rojak stall, decided to give it a try...we shouldn't have..

Cynthia and I

Funny Evon :P

We ordered..tada~
The world's YUCKIEST cendol!
Sick tasting it -_-"

And yucky Rojak..
Seriously I have no idea how this stall managed to survive, foods prepared were all YIKES, no jokes! All didn't taste like it should be :S

But there's one good thing about this stall, it's next to the sea :D


Next station, Oriental Village, Langkawi Cable Car! :D
The must-visit-spot in Langkawi Island!



Dr V said...

One nice thing about making nasty food and your stall is can drive as far away from the scene of the crime as possible. Go where no one else heard of you, set-up again, and once again watch the money come rolling in from your nasty food. hahaha Guess who got caught in this nice little money-making scheme? hahaha

Thanks for the great photos from Day 2 of your trip! Love looking at the beautiful smiles.

violetmay said...

Argh! I guess they move around town and cheated innocent people like us...hmmpf!!