Monday, August 10, 2009

Oriental Village-Langkawi Cable Car Part 1

Oriental Village-Langkawi Cable Car is about an hour drive from our hotel...that's with the help of GPS, otherwise we might have gotten ourselves caught in the jungle, and being eaten alive (kakaka, kidding) :P
Divided to 2 parts, Part 1 and Part 2 :)
Total photos: 58

Weee~ We reached there safe!

I like this candid snapshot of them, lol looking at Helen :P


Everyone says Oriental Village-Langkawi Cable Car is a MUST VISIT tourist spot, I wondered why...until I saw what I saw :P
You will see later!!
On the way up to the view point

Cynthia was very excited!! Hahaha :P

Sharon, Evon and I

Helen and Christine

Cynthia looked sweet in this photo
p/s: Okay, not in this photo only, she has sweet personality :P

Still on the way up to the view point, seeeee!!


I felt so excited, and almost pee'd my pants!

"Are we there yet?" I asked Evon, she was the only one who went there before

"Not yet! We are heading to the view point"

What view point? If you wondered...
That's the view point! Really on top of the mountain :D
I was totally amazed by the magnificent building, it was about 20 minutes ride in cable car :)

Up up up!

What would you do when you see something you really like?
You camwhore :P

That's the second check point, we skipped that, went to the 1st view point instead :)

Everything was just perfect..

You are now at 710 meter above sea level!

Group photo! ^^

We met some girls from Thailand :)

Next up :)

More later ;)



proteusguy said...

Wow nice place Violet. I see they have a nice harbor for sail boats. I think I need to go visit. Since moving here I've been surprised how little sailing culture there is. Too bad you didn't check out the boas for me. :-)

violetmay said...

Thank you Ben :)))
Langkawi is very near to Thailand, it's a wonderful place to visit :D

Dr V said...

Well I never realized that the GPS could be so useful keeping flesh on your bones. Maybe they should advertise promising, "...this unit can keep you from getting lost in the jungle, and possibly eaten." hahaha That should move those units off the shelves in a hurry! haha

I love cable cars! I'm certainly not brave enough to help them suspend the cables, but I'll ride for sure. ^_^

Looks like everyone was thrilled by the cable car ride, and the scenic view places. Certainly worth the hour-long drive from the hotel. Thanks again for letting us enjoy the rewards from the comfort of our computer screens.

violetmay said...

Not a problem, Dr V! :D