Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sugar is good for me

Sugar is always a good companion, especially when you are bored at home, nothing to do... :P
I didn't go out for 2 days!! Thanks to the gift my sweetheart Kevin gave me...tell you once "it's ok to tell", hehee! ;)
Sugar was here resting on my laps as I played games for the whole day, she was bored too..

"Mama, I'm bored..."

"Let's do something!"

"What do you plan to do?"

"Hmmm...let's take some photos, I didn't take your photos for more than a month!"

"Let's start!"

"Mama, I know you are going for a vacation with papa soon, I think I need a passport photo too"

"But I'm not bringing you along"


"Why don't you bring me along?"

"See, I'm so cute...just bring me"

"I'll ignore you if you don't wanna bring me along!"


I think Sugar is now more than 1 kg, let's check it out!

Her black hair is growing slow, but at least it's growing :D

Hmmm...I think she's grew up a lot!

Her previous's quite hard to believe this is Sugar, LOL! :P

Love ya, Sugar! ^^



Dr V said...

Poooooor Sugar...being exploited once again! haha Looks like Sugar decided that if you're going to be exploited, then you might as well look good. ^_* I especially love the "passport photo" Sugar took.

You can notice the difference in Sugar's attitude change too. When she was young, she had spiked short a rebel. Now she's got long stylish she's trying to attract the attention of the opposite sex or something. Now Sugar's interested in "boys" it seems. hahaha

violetmay said...

LOL!!! Guess what, you and Kevin have same thoughts! :P