Friday, August 22, 2008

I got tagged

Tagged by Lina Yong...Hahahahaha :P

Dear sweetie, I don't have much people to tag, destinated to break one of the rules
The games:

    • state 15 weird things/ habits/ little known facts about yourself.
    • the 10 people i tag are then to follow my footsteps.
    • no tag backs.
1. I LOVE desserts (die without it!)
2. I dislike lipsticks (too sticky)
3. I love beautiful and delicate foods (who doesn't like?)
4. I dislike my button nose (OMG!!!! Why I don't have the money and guts to go for plastic surgery?!)
5. I talk a lot and laugh out loud in front of my friends (and I don't like when people say I talk so much (-_-")... ......)
6. I love mascara even though my skill sucks (must apply mascara on weekends outing)
7. I love/good at long hours sleep (and regret for wasting too much of time on bed)
8. I like to have a good walk around the city, just keep walking on the street, aimless! (insane!)
9. Don't wake me up from sleep, I will hate you for the whole morning (especially when I don't have enough sleep the night before it)
10. I love to dance, although I dance like a Donald duck (Quak quak quak...)
11. I can sing well, I'm the singer of my band (day dreaming, LOL)
12. I dig my nose sometimes before I go to bed (yikes! Did you dig your nose too?)
13. I love to bite babies' cheeks and kiss on their lips (sex maniac?!)
14. I love to eat and worry about my weight later on (I don't give it a damn, anyway!)
15. I love to imagine myself as one of the hot babes wanna be (LOL! I don't look like one)

My tag:
Deborah LOOOOOO :P
I hope you read this, ooh please, join me for the game ya!

(I can't think of other people, where are my other friends HUH?! WTF, why you you you and you don't have a blog?! I read strangers' blogs most of the time)

P/S: Huhuhuu...I feel like crying, now all of you know I dig my nose sometimes :'(((
No...I won't tell you that I fart (sometimes) too

I just did!

HAppy SiLly Friday



debb13 said...

wah!! so big my name!! hahahaa!! did the tag laaa...

violetmay said...

Hahaha, you are a VIP, of course I need to spell it out loud! :P