Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Weightlifting 105 kg Men

Andrei Aramnau of Belarus is the cutest weightlifting contestant that I've ever seen!!!
OMG, he is so cute!

I slept at 2:30am last night (It's final for group A match of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games), god bless...today is a working day. I don't want to meet people with panda eyes.

BUT I don't know why I love to watch weightlifting so much, really...seriously...most probably because they are so strong...
Ahem :'P

LOL, I don't know what happened to me, I don't really like men with lots of muscles, or six pack abs etc, but somehow I really enjoy watching weightlifting ;)

Andrei Aramnau is really...strong, powerful, superb! He even broke 3 world record in 105 kg men's category in yesterday's match (19, August 08). And..and, he is merely 20 years old!!! To be frank, he doesn't look strong, I mean I mean, he looks like a high school boy ;) OMG he is 4 years younger than me!! He lifted a total of 436 kilograms (snatch 200kg, clean and jerk 236 kg) ^^

I was so excited watching him lifting up a barbell which is 4/5 times heavier than me, phewwwittt!

Okay, the silver medal went to Dmitriy Klokov, who had a total of 423kg and the bronze went to Dmitry Lapikov who has a total of 420 kg (both are Russian and their surname is only an "i" away ;D

So sweet of Dmitriy Klokov (maybe I shouldn't use the word "sweet", but seriously I think men cry for happiness are sweet), he couldn't hold his tears in the medal ceremony :)
And and, Dmitry Lapikov is the handsomest weightlifting contestant that I've ever seen :P

WHAT has happened to me?? I talked a like h*rny lady
Hahahaha, really embarrassing huh? :')

These are all happy news, yesterday's match was really special, how many of you have seen cute, handsome sweet weightlifting contestant in your life? To me, this was the first time, hahahahaaaa. My skin is few inch thick :P

I read from news, the moment Hungarian weightlifter Janos Baranyai got himself injured during his 3rd attempt to lift a 148kg barbell was really horrible, I don't want to describe or say more, I believe most of you read the news :(

It's not entertaining at all, it must be fcuking painful, I really feel terribly sorry to him :(
I'm really very very glad I miss that match on 13, August. After I watch this video or this, I felt like crying...it's too cruel, why people called it as 'sports'?

Sigh...I don't know why I still like to watch weightlifting :(

Well, anyway, I love Equestrian too!
Looking forward to tomorrow's final :D

Ahhh, and and congratz to Michael Phelps (MP), he took 8 gold medals home...so sexy of him, is he married? :P
Too many good programs too little time, I'm so busy watching Olympic games recently, hardly concentrate in everything except games :D

Last but not least, Congratulations to our Malaysian hero Lee Chong Wei, even though he lost to Lin Dan, didn't get gold medal in Badminton single final, but come on!! Malaysia didn't get any medals since 1996, so, BIG Congratz to Chong Wei! ^^