Friday, August 29, 2008

Desserts maniac

I don't like this angle, coz my round face looked rounder and chubbier
(-_-")... ...... boobies looked bigger too, LOL!!!

P/S: This is not recent photo, remember? I just permed my hair, hahaa!

Suddenly, I miss desserts very much, didn't go for proper-nice-delicious desserts for a long time :( Look what I've found on my previous album? Hehee!
These photos aren't new, taken 3 months ago in Kim Gary, The Curve.

I desserts

And of course, I love this man more than any desserts, ahhaha :P

P/S: This is why he always pay for my desserts :P

"Faster faster, I wanna eat"
Hungry ghost violet :P

Borsch soup

Seafood baked rice

And finally...
My desserts :D

So happy... :)


Maybe you think I adore sweets, but in fact, I don't like it when it's too sweet. I take Barley kosong (no sugar added, taste weird to most of the people), I like Lime juice without sugar, Chinese Herbs without sugar (bitter)...etc.

Actually...I don't like sweet things, ah I mean foods, beverages or desserts.

BUT why I love desserts very much?
It's simply because I feel happy when I eat it,
The look...the taste...always make my day :)

I would call myself a,
Dessert maniac, hehee!