Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Boring entry, don't read!

Last night, met up C, E and S for our next year's trip discussion. Air Asia has got millions of FREE TICKET!!!!!

Initially, we planned to go to Hong Kong. Because H and C wanted to go to HK badly, they have never been there before. Although I went there twice last year, but I really don't mind to go there again, because HK is a very nice place to visit, and the people are speaking Cantonese :P (Not for Kevin, he only understand 5%) Hahahahha

Well, at first everyone was fine with HK, we checked the schedule..unfortunately all of the free flight tickets to HK were taken out. Then we thought to fly to Shen Zhen, from Shen Zhen we take train to HK...then, suddenly E said she doesn't want to go to HK, as she promised her boy friend to go with him (I still wonder why she didn't say earlier)...then I asked:

"So where do you want to go?"


"Okay, so we will go to Bangkok"

"If Bangkok, then I don't want to go" (S this time)

All of a sudden...I thought all of them said don't mind to go to ANYWHERE, suddenly all of them have got so many ideas.

I didn't say anything although I wasn't happy with them, they SAID they are fine to go to ANY places, as long as we get the free tickets, but in fact, they have too many ideas themselves, this is the main reason why we've never traveled together.

After a very long discussion,

"Okay la...we go to Shen Zhen and take train to HK" E said


No objections? COOL!
So I began to key in our personal details, for 5 people, not 1 okay?
After all these...finally we have a SAME idea.

"I think S is not very happy now.." E said

"You are okay with our plan right? Aren't you? I asked S, she said she didn't want to go to Bangkok, and she was the 1st person who said want to go to HK. Thus, I didn't expect she will say NO. By the way, Shen Zhen is not far from HK, just about an hour train.

"No, actually I don't want to go to HK already"

WHAT the heck?!
We have been sitting in the cafe for 5 solid hours, what's your problem? My friends?
I don't easily get MAD, frankly speaking

But I was too fed up,
SORRY, I lost my temper!

"Fine, then don't go, don't go to anywhere, I will shut down my notebook and let's go home"

It's really iritating!!!
You are the one who said
"Okay, any places will do"
"As you wish"
"I don't mind"

If you are really that "Don't Mind", then just stick to majority, why talked so much? Why when we asked your opinions you said "I'm fine with everything?" but actually you are not. What's worst? After we confirmed everything and suddenly you said NO.

Not me only, C was not happy with this incident too, but she chose to be silent (she joined us an hour later, maybe this was why she has sober mind), but seriously I couldn't hold my temper. C was really disappointed, for this, I'm sure.

LONG STORY after that.
The final result is not fruitful, we chose a local tourist area.
P/S: I didn't say Malaysia is not good, it's a good place to visit, so do come here on your holiday

We went home at 12:30am, midnight. C and I had a phone conversation, she was upset and extremely disappointed (I have to use these words), and we just didn't understand their thoughts. Including H, I just called her this morning to inform her our travel destination, she was as disappointed as C. Hey, we thought we will be happy shopping-ing in HK next year, but now?

All this mess!