Monday, August 4, 2008

Elephant Trekking, Phuket

Still in Day 2

I've never wanted to ride on elephants or giraffes. I thought it's cruel. Toto (our driver) suggested us to go for it,

"I'm not interested"

"Just have a look, okay? We are about there"

So, we went there and 'have a look'.
Now I know if I'm really NOT going to try something, I won't go to the place. Because you might be influenced by the others.

Elephant Trekking in Phuket.

From the photos, the elephants looked big (Pay for the ride and you will see the real ones). People talked talked talked..

Finally, we thought should try it
30 mins = 800 baht
45 mins = 1000 baht
60 mins = 1300 baht

We chose 45 mins, RM100, actually it's expensive. Went in after paid.

Ah, the elephants weren't as giant as I thought, but should be fine, because I saw few of them were munching fruits.

Fruits for the elephant

There was a monkey in the resting area ^^

Only if you remember, I said I DISLIKE monkey. that time, I really fell in love with this monkey, it's so small, so cute! ^^
And most importantly, it's not horny, LOL! :P

Waited for almost 30 mins, one of the mahout (handler) asked us in

I looked so mature and fat in this one, hahaha

Our turn
Immediately I regretted, the elephant was upset (animals have emotions too), it reluctant to walk and I guessed it's tired or hungry, or something like that. Maybe Kevin and I are too heavy, I felt guilty riding on it. For the first 15 mins, I really wanted to get down. I took about 30 mins to re-adjusted my emotions, feelings..talking to myself

"It's okay, it's okay, once for the life time, no next time"

These photos were taken after that

See the yellow spider? :)

That umbrella belongs to the mahout

Ho ho ho, I'm a witch :P

Need to thank the mahout for this one :)

Next time I wanna try ATV tour (All Terrain Vehicle Tour)

Souvenir for the elephant trekking
It costs us 200 baht, according to the man, they charge higher during peak season

Now you see, why I thought the elephant was big (all because of the angle, I should have aware of it!)

Anyway, this would be my first and last time for elephant trekking
Bye bye~



KIEN LIM said...

I don't think you and Kevin were too heavy for the elephant. Maybe it was just feeling grumpy that day:)

violetmay said...

Hi Kien :)
Hmmm...I don't know, maybe you are right :))