Monday, August 25, 2008

We are rich!!! 发财咯,发达啦!


I am happy to death, am I dreaming????
Kevin is going to be a millionaire, soon, by 10th of September!
He received a letter from e-lottery from Spain, see!


I'm not lying!!

All we need to do is fill up the form, grab the money and run away!
So simple!

Your head, your kepala otak udang (shrimp's head)

Apparently, someone thought we are greedy and stupiak (I mean stupid)
He didn't joined for the game, how on earth he got the chance to win that money? This kind of letter...I'm so sure the company sent to bunch of people, try their luck and see how many stupid greedy people got trapped!

What? Keep this award from public notice?
Sure! So those silly ones will tell no one, scared others might kidnap them, steal their prize or do something silly to make themselves in the name list.

Seriously, I think we should make a police report (But we didn't...)
I've found out, majority of the people who got cheated are those greedy type of person. If you are not greedy, do you think you will lose your bank account's money so easily? The steps are not as simple as that, they may ask you to give some money in order to get the disbursement or things like that, then they'll grab your money and fly away, not you grab their money and fly away, okay?

Stop that non-sense, I wish this letter was from a genuine company (GOD bless), as a conclusion, no...we are not rich, we don't get that money :'(((

Alright, I better eat my cheesecakes
I want to forget about the big prize and money

German black forest ( not sure)
Extremely deli-cioussss

German cheesecake
The strawberry is as big as a ping pong ball!
I just lied :P

Stay cheese, cheese cheese cheese...

Ooh money...big prize big prize big prize
It's quite hard to let it go (Hohoho, I'm actually busy with jelly right now, who cares about the fake company?)



Dr V said...

So very happy that you and Kevin realize how ridiculous it is to win a lottery you never even entered. There's a saying, " cannot cheat an honest man/woman." The meaning is obvious, and it would solve so many problems people have when they lose money to scams. It's true that the thieves don't have to work hard for their money, but the rest of us have to earn whatever we get. I'm happy that you exposed those scammers who thought they were smart enough to steal your money.

Oh, and those desserts look delicious! ^_^

debb13 said...

heyy! i'm in Madrid now. :) Spainish lottery ha? hehe! good good, dont get conned.


Mike said...

That cheesecake looked wonderful...

violetmay said...

Hi dr v, this is the first time I heard of this saying "you cannot cheat an honest man/woman", I like phrase and totally agreed :D By the way, I wish people who received this letter read this entry, hopefully it's not too late to them! :P

Debbb, wow you are in Madrid...HMMMM! I'm jealous, my jelly is tasteless now! :(
(Miss small V: "I thought the jelly is now in toilet bowl?")

Hello Mike, yup the cheesecakes were wonderful...can't wait to eat it again :D

debb13 said...

eeeeee i want jelly!