Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wat Chalong, Phuket

After elephant trekking, wonder where is out next station?
(Warning, mainly photos)

Ta da~
Wat Chalong, Phuket's most important Buddhist Temple
A magnificent temple!

Photos photos photos
So sorry, Mee not good in description :)

Happy couple posed for a shot :)

See what we saw?
This is not an ordinary pigeon, if you don't see what's so different between this birdie to the ordinary one, you need a new glasses :P

Ermmmm, maybe it's not that special, it's me who "Hoo Haa" :P

Ooh my.....
A cat!!!!
I love cats, I really love cats...

I don't think this cat likes me :(

Meeee, trying to get her attention

Finally, I got to touched it
I don't need a new scar on my face :P

"Coconut, coconuts, coconuts, 20 baht for one coconut"

Hoohooo...lots of things to buy huh?
I bought a few bags for my siblings and Kevin's mum

Ermm...I prefer cats, although dogs are cute too
I want a kitten

I didn't buy anything from here

And here

Buh bye, Wat Chalong

After that, Toto brought us to a place...
V-Multi Gems International Co. Ltd.

Kevin bought me a ring...

a present.
HAHAHAHAHA, not an engagement or wedding ring okay? ;)

Next station,
Old Phuket, a.k.a. Phuket Town/City, whatever

I only understand"bus station"

I like the color of this building, apple green and white, so refreshing.
We decided to shop in

Let's waffers!


Strawberry smoothies, I guess?

Kevin was so in love with this set of Olympic souvenir set

What about Violet?
She was so in love with Satay

Ermmm...before I tried, I thought I would love it

Well in fact, it tasted yucks!
Imagine I puke after this shot, it's grossssss!

Anyway, my mood was so lovely that day, didn't mad at anybody including the man who sold these yucky satay, hahaha

I hope everyday is a happy day :)



laverew said...


The temple is indeed beautiful, almost as beautiful as you. You have some very good photographs in this set. Kevin and you did a very good job.


violetmay said...

Thank you!!
I think I will re-visit this temple if I have the chance to go to Phuket again :))