Thursday, August 7, 2008

Nightlife, Patong

Some photos before we got out ;)

Die, I really look like a walking meat ball, are there any ways to make my face slimmer?

I think my shape is more like those very old fashion ladies, zillion years ago...
This is not a compliment.
Anyway, I like this crop

This angle seriously made my face looks slimmer than real person, muahahaha

But it didn't have any effects for my button nose

Still so button

Never mind, as long as I still can breath

I thought my dress is quite hot, but not too nice hanging out in it (Ooh in Patong). People might thought I provide special service, Kevin is my boss...etc. So I changed.

Banana discotheque is just next door.
Sigh, should have tried to give them some business

This guy just woke up, he slept a lot on Phuket

Patong is a very happening place!

World Famous A Go Go!

Bangla Boxing Stadium
I'm not interested

Patong is a Tsunami Hazard Zone..

Well, in fact Kevin and I tried one of this special pub...
Unfortunately, we chose the wrong one. The guy la, kept asking us to go in go in, we thought he would bring us to World Famous A Go Go (he stood in front of the pub!), who knows he brought us to another pub down the road.

We saw a few fat ladies pole dancing on a stage, with only a t-back and bunny ears. They are real women, I know. But really disappointing, I prefer hot babes. One more thing, the girls kept asking us to tip them, each girl 100 baht, CRAZY!
:( No photos in the pub, sorry!

Well, better luck next time ;)

A hot traffic police!

It is a shopping paradise

X'mas coconut trees

This entry has no less than 50 photos..

Love it ^^

In the mall


Jungceylon is a very beautiful shopping mall

My Darling

I bought a bikini from these ladies, it's Elle...I don't see Elle has swimsuits in Malaysia. You might get to see it tomorrow :P

Dairy Queen
They served yummy ice cream ^^

Why guys like this kind of 'thing'?
Kevin asked me to stand beside it, I said it's ugly and refused to.
He thought it's cool, so... ;)

Dinner in Pa Noi
Nice restaurant, affordable price

This restaurant is somewhere around Jungceylon, but if compared to other places, the prices here are cheaper and foods served are nice ;)

Fried rice

Tom Yam

Thai style flat noodles

Kevin and the waiter
(maybe he is the boss :P)

That's end of my Day 2 :)

Goodbye, goodnight
It's time to Zzzzzz

So, see you tomorrow :)


laverew said...


The photo's of you and Kevin are cute. The ring is beautiful, of couse Kevin has good taste both in jewelry and women. Do you own any dresses that you don't look good in. Both dresses are super.


Mike said...

I'm going to have to agree with Kevin about the sculpture. Really cool! You should have posed with it as the "damsel in distress".

I won't even comment on the button nose, besides saying it is a fantastic nose.

Lastly - You? A walking meatball? Hardly! Unless you're meaning to say meatballs are tasty and delicious, in which case, yes, you're right.

violetmay said...

Larry, I won't buy dresses which makes me look ugly :P (thick skin lol)
Unless I gain another few kgs, by then...I think dresses are not suitable to me anymore, maybe need to wear big t-shirts everyday :'((

Hi Mike ^^
Hmmmm, this is what I said, men's preference is so different from ladies :P
Meatballs..actually I like to eat meatballs, but walking meatball is too "oily", hahahahaha