Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's always happy to see your friends are getting married one by one :P

Meet my friend, Judee last night.

She is one of my college classmates :)
This coming September, she is getting married with her Prince Charming, Ming Jiet :)

It's hard to believe...time really flies, we used to hang out together, clubbing together and basically did everything together. But after we graduated from Diploma, we seldom meet up, because she needs to work and I always go to school :(

Days with her was always great! Ah, there were few more girls in our group that time, Ping Ping, Erica, Anna, Shirley...we were all so close :)

Today, Anna and Erica are in their hometown, Shirley got married with an Australian and Ping Ping went back to Indonesia... :'((( It's hard to have a gathering

Judee is 3 years older than me, when I was 18, she was 21...I remember she has got a Hard Rock Cafe member's card, I said I want it too, asked her to bring me along

"This is for 21 years old and above, I want to bring you but you are 18, so cannot!
You are still a 'kid'...HAHAHAHAHA!"

Funny huh?
Today, I'm 24.

See, time really flies, I won't say 50 years old is very far from me, because it's just a few blinks away, hohoho :P



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Trust me as you get older you get better............