Sunday, August 24, 2008

:D Hwei Chen!


Today, me

What's wrong with my swollen eyes? Today my eyes are much more better, my eyes have been swollen for days! :s
Don't know why don't know why don't know why

I have an appointment with Hwei Chen, she's going to kill me if I cancel our plan, she has got lots of sharp knives at home, hmmm...I better don't play play with her, hahaha :P

I looked so different...I know, I can't do much la, I cannot apply cream of medicines on my eyes, right? Huhuhu...I don't want to be a blind mice :(

I have no mood to put my contact lenses on, so...I wore my glasses
Ta da~
Few years older than my actual age (Ooh really? Erm, not really) :P

What's more, I couldn't apply mascara, no make up, nicely I don't have newly popped up pimples, phewww!

Spot the difference!


Hwei Chen
She is prettier!
We've known each other for 11 years...OMG, 11 yearssss!
She was too thin, skeleton size!
Can you imagine? Hehehee

Good, now she gained few kgs...heheheee! :P
Evil violet >:D

Anyway, she is still very slim...I ENVY her

We took these in the washroom, I like my newly dyed hair! ^^
But, at the same time I envy her long black hair :(




Take 1


I looked so...horny, LOL!!!!!!!!!! :P

We chatted for hours, lots to catch up even though we meet up quite frequently. We shared some secrets...we talked bad things about our boyfriends, hahahaha. I wouldn't want to tell Kevin :P

My current mood: SAD, I just watched Olympic Closing Ceremony... :(
No more games

2012, LONDON! I'm coming!!! (Guess I need to save money from now on, in order to fly to London. Poor people like me really have no choice!)